Madonna wearing Jean Paul Gaultier - In bed with Madonna 1991
Madonna wearing Jean Paul Gaultier - In bed with Madonna 1991

Madonna wearing Jean Paul Gaultier - In bed with Madonna 1991

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Madonna and Alex Keshinian photographed at the Cannes Film Festival in 1991 for In Bed with Madonna. Cory Maier, the photographer recalls this to be one of the most heated moments at the festival. Madonna was wearing her famous risqué silk bra and briefs by Jean Paul Gaultier - she was in her prime and in her element.

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About the Photographer

Cory Maier, a New Yorker was the first American accredited photographer for the Cannes Film Festival. He has lived in Aix-en-Provence for thirty years.

As a young boy Cory Maier was given a camera and he has had one on him every day since. Growing up in New York, Maier’s stepmother was a reporter for NBC, she also did some modelling, so he was familiar with film and photography studios. At school he was in a photo club and then worked as an assistant to an anchor woman at NBC. In the mid-1980’s Maier and his roommate decided to travel to Cannes for the film festival. It was clear to Maier that there was a lot of fun to be had (especially at the age of twenty-four) and he also saw a huge opportunity for American press coverage at the event as there was barely any at the time. Maier became accredited with the NBC to be the first official American photographer at the Cannes Film Festival. For ten years (1986-1996) he shot stars at the festival, parties, in interviews and behind the scenes. This exhibition is a curation of iconic film stars, directors and distinguished guests taken at the festivals. Each photograph has been selected by the photographer from his archives. This was a defining decade in the industry from which came films such as Pulp Fiction, Cry Baby, La Reine Margaret and Basic Instinct.

Each photograph is a limited-edition print from film – there are only twelve of each. They are signed by Cory Maier and a personalized message can be written from the photographer.

We hope that you enjoy this superb exhibition of vintage photographs that capture the palpable excitement and stardom of the Cannes Film Festivals.