7 ways to decorate with vintage ironstone and pottery

Vintage French pottery and stoneware country French kitchen

1. A large display of ceramics

A collection of French pottery always makes a big impact. Green and orange confit pots and pitchers are quintessentially French. Rustic cutting boards are the perfect match!

Collection of French confit pots orange ochre yellow ware Timothy Corrigan kitchen

Open shelving is the perfect place to enjoy a collection of antique French confit pots - this farmhouse kitchen was designed by Timothy Corrigan. 

Vintage French stoneware collection French country kitchen modern farmhouse decor

Then there's the creamy whites of ironstone crocks and saloirs. They look wonderful displayed en masse in a dresser or open shelves in the kitchen, and can be used to display flowers and foliage for an instant farmhouse look. 

Stoneware ironstone vintage pottery antique pottery collection french farmhouse kitchen rustic modern

2. Use antique French confit pots as vases and planters

Antique French yellow ware confit pots with fresh flowers Timothy Corrigan chateau

Timothy Corrigan chooses large French confit pots for the marble mantle piece in the kitchen of Chateau du Grand-Lucé.

As pottery can be porous, make sure you put fresh flowers in a watertight container inside to avoid leaving marks on your timber furniture. 

Antique French confit pots traditional orange french earthenware pottery

A stunning display of orchids brings a rustic touch to this French style dining room. To ensure your pots are well drained you will need to make a drainage hole in the bottom, or use the confit pot for display only to cover a plastic garden pot. 

Vintage French pottery collection country French farmhouse decor

You will recognize this kitchen by Steven Gambrel. I love the plates stacked up on the rustic farmhouse table, the impressive display of pink blossom in a large white pot, and the collection of ironstone jars and bottles on the shelf. This is a true modern farmhouse kitchen.

Ironstone crock pot saloir stoneware as a vase full of flowers french farmhouse kitchen

An antique ironstone pot makes a charming rustic vase for a colourful bunch of flowers.

3. Display your kitchen utensils in a vintage pot

Ironstone stoneware vintage ceramic pottery kitchen rustic cutting boards

A collection of rolling pins and kitchen utensils make both a beautiful and practical kitchen display. 

4. Create a still life 'shelfie'

Vintage French pottery collection country French farmhouse decor

Glass jars filled with nuts and rice complement the earthy colours of the vintage stoneware beautifully displayed on open shelving like a still life. 

5. Display French provincial bowls on open shelving

Vintage French pottery and stoneware country French living room

A collection of pottery in the living room is also a lovely way to achieve a country feel and add earthy colour and texture. I love the unruly lavender bursting out of the confit bowls and the small ironstone jar filled with liliacs on the coffee table. 

6. Display larger stoneware pots on the floor in a collection

Vintage French pottery and stoneware country French home modern farmhouse

Larger pieces can be displayed in groups on the floor making a sculptural statement. 

7. Shop this look with authentic French vintage pottery

French preserving jars with yellow glaze 19th century yellow ware

Our preserving jars date to the 19th century

Orange 19th century French confit pot vintage pottery

Our collection of French confit pots and water pitchers are full of colour and have the most wonderful rich patina. 

19th century Antique French pottery green glaze water jug vintage

We have an extensive collection of French water jugs dating to the 19th century.

Antique French ironstone pots stoneware buy online from France

Our ironstone crocks are irresistible.

Image sources: Timothy Corrigan, Joanna Maclennan photography & this Pinterest board. 

Explore our full collection of vintage and Antique French pottery.

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