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The ultimate style guide to French interior design

Authentic French style is a continually evolving movement with a formidable ethos. A liveable space with character is the essence of good French interior design. I have lived in France for over five years - for me this essence is at the heart of the most beautiful private homes I have visited.  The prevailing influence is L'art de vivre - an infusion of French culture. The idea of French interior design is to make the simplest daily habits a precious moment. For example drinking coffee at the kitchen counter in the morning sunshine or soaking in the tub while admiring a sparkling chandelier. Design choices such as these enable the French to create homes they love. The French don't rush. It is tempting to fill a...

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8 ways to create your French garden for 2020

A classic French garden has several key ingredients which can be easily replicated no matter how big or small your outdoor space is. Topiary, pottery, antique urns and fountains are easy ways to add French accents to your garden, patio, terrace or courtyard.  One - French topiary Boxwood does well in shady gardens and the planning and maintenance are well worth the effort for a stunning lush display.Symmetry and axes are classic design features in traditional French gardens.  Mounting a weathered planter on a podium is a lovely way to add height and interest at the end of a garden path.  Two - French pottery Antique and vintage pottery filled with greenery is a lovely way to create a focal point in your garden or to highlight architectural...

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La Piscine - poolside decorating chic

A swimming pool is the focal point of any garden. The opportunity to play with light and reflections, the soothing sound of water and refreshing views of aqua blue water is irresistible.  French garden furniture looks beautiful on lush lawns and in private courtyards. Discover our collection of classic French garden furniture Potted box wood, olive trees, hydrangeas and white geraniums are some of my favorite poolside pieces. Discover our extensive range of beautifully weathered French urns and planters. Sculptures on pedestals, pottery and urns bring interest and formality and look wonderful in garden beds flanking swimming pools.  Classic Medici urns feature regularly in French gardens. Antique biot jars bring a Mediterranean feel to this French rose garden.  Our bespoke biot jars Our largest biot jars...

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