The 2022 guide to choosing and caring for French vintage club chairs

Patina Farm leather club chair vintage and antique decoration

Discover our collection of French leather club chairs

1. French leather - exceptional quality

Since the nineteenth-century, French leather has been renowned for its exceptional quality. Leather club chairs were designed and handmade in France, and you can still find original vintage pieces today - we are proud to offer them in our range. 

Vintage French leather club chair for sale

The leather used for club chairs is actually sheepskin. The village of Basane is famous for its tannery - today, skins are tanned with the same vegetable composition that has been used for centuries. An average club chair will use up to nine sheep skins. The chairs in our collection are restored, and when there is a need to replace sections, the leather comes from this same tannery.

2. Is my club chair really vintage?

When buying leather club chairs, you must be aware that there are fakes on the market. You need to ask the supplier if the leather is original - and if not, which parts. Also, check if the chair has been restored properly. The frame of the chair and tension tape in the base should be replaced to ensure that you are purchasing a chair that will withstand the test of time for future decades. 

Pair of vintage club chairs leather french for sale buy

Our collection of leather club chairs comes from the best supplier in France. They have been restoring vintage leather furniture for three decades. Every chair is skillfully restored, and the original leather is retained where possible. Each chair has around 20 hours of labor invested to ensure that the end result is respectful of the piece's heritage, while being ready to be used like any other new piece of furniture. 

3. How do I buy bespoke leather club chairs from France

We sell two classic artisan-made designs of club chairs. The chairs are made-to-order in three-four weeks. They are made locally in Provence using the same sheepskin leather from Basane that has been used for 100 years to make French club chairs.

Taittinger French leather club chair

A bespoke Taittinger club chair and footrest

The Taittinger club chair was designed for the patron of the famous Champagne house. It has more slender armrests and a chic spare back.

Stud work French leather club chair with square back

The feet are timber, and the stud-work on the back is very pretty. The cushions are filled with feather down, so they are irresistibly comfortable.

Classic French leather club chair made to order from France

French leather club chair round back

Our bespoke round back club chairs have heavy barrel armrests and are nice and deep making them extremely comfortable.

French leather club chairs and ottomans poufs footrests

An antique French club chair with bespoke footrest

Square poufs can also be made-to-order and are compatible with both antique and reproduction club chairs.

Round back French leather club chair artisan made in France

Pair of bespoke french Club Chairs purchased by Chez Pluie clients in Western Australia. 

4. How do I care for my leather club chair?

French leather club chair chapeau gendarme vintage

In order to look after your vintage leather club chairs, we recommend the following:

- Dust the chair regularly and vacuum in the crevices

- Apply a clear leather conditioner annually, or more if you feel the leather needs more nourishing

- Clean spills immediately with a dry cloth - liquids left on leather for too long will eventually seep in and leave a mark

- If the leather is well conditioned, liquids should not penetrate the leather straight away as the conditioner provides a protective film 

- If your chair is scratched (keys in pockets, cats etc.) then you can use wax to treat the scratches

- We provide our customers with a pot of the same wax that was used during restoration so that any minor scratches can be seamlessly repaired

- Keep your chair at a sensible distance from heating, air conditioning, and full sunlight (a few hours of direct sunlight a day is okay)

5. How to decorate with vintage club chairs

Patina Farm leather club chair salon

Club chairs make a room - as an individual statement piece or as a pair. The patina of aged leather adds an elegant touch and rich colour to both modern and traditional homes. 

Antique French club chair living room design French interiors

Their design is timeless, and they enhance interiors of all types - modern, classic, French country, industrial and coastal. As they are large, it is possible to use one on its own to make a great focal point and blend with other upholstered furniture. 

Pair of vintage French leather club chairs in Jennifer Aniston's LA home

The armchairs are available as individual armchairs and as a pair, and larger quantities are also possible. Please contact us if you have any questions.

We are thrilled to have a gorgeous selection of these iconic armchairs in our collection that can bring a luxurious, comforting touch to your home. 

Image Credit: Brooke & Steve Giannetti - Patina Farm, Veranda, Architectural Digest, Chez Pluie

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