The most beautiful French gardens - Dominique Lafourcade

French farmhouse landscape garden Dominique Lafourcade

The most legendary French landscape designer has to be Dominique Lafourcade. If you don't know her work you are in for a treat. She creates sublime gardens which are chic, manicured, formal, natural and quintessentially French. 

Anduze urn vase planter in French modern farm garden Dominique Lafourcade

Her ability to create destinations in gardens of all sizes is exceptional. She uses pottery, fountains and sculpture, (and even a tree house) to entice you to explore all parts of the garden.

Symmetrical Anduze planters french pottery farmhouse entry

Tree house french farm garden plane tree Lafourcade

Rose arbor symmetrical green planting french landscape farm modern Lafourcade

Anduze urns pottery planter under shade of wisteria vine french modern farmhouse landscape

Anduze urns appear frequently in her work. Their iconic form is evocative of the gardens of the South of France. They are traditionally glazed with green, brown and golden yellows and when they are weathered they are gorgeous. They complement the architectural features of a building when strategically placed between windows, flanking a doorway or gate.

Anduze urns in Saint Remy french garden gateway entry

Avenue row of plane trees hardscaping french farm gardens Lafourcade

Views are framed with enormous plane trees, avenues and symmetry draws the eye to the surrounding natural beauty. 

French farmhouse garden wisteria plane trees water feature Lafourcade

Homes sit beautifully and comfortably in their gardens, softened with planters, climbing wisteria, and their facades dance with dappled shadows of the trees from the renowned soft light of Provence that has long inspired artists. 

French farm home anduze symmetry shutters plane trees buxus Lafourcade

For more inspiration discover our superb collection of bespoke French pottery and decor in our French Garden range. 

Image credit: Dominique Lafourcade 


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Love your ideas:)! Looking for landscapes ideas for a smaller house with existing French exterior architecture !
The plan is for a one floor home that is charming and petite maison!
Love French style so much that I love m learning French:)
Many thanks!

Katherine Therese Borovic June 05, 2023

C est vraiment magnifique

Marie-Christine Pass September 24, 2020
C’ est vraiment magnifique !!!!
Marie-Christine Pass September 24, 2020

I am breathless looking at the splendid gardens, properties and accoutrement!

Robin Blocker September 24, 2020


Melanie Michele August 01, 2020

Beautiful photos ♥️

Anita Palmqvist July 09, 2020

FABULOUS! How I wish!!!

Pauline July 28, 2019

This is so beautiful! Is it a public location? I am currently looking for venues for a wedding inspiration shoot in Southern France. It would be wonderful if you could let me know, where it is. Merci!

Irka Fürle November 11, 2017

Wow Chez Pluie! I love this garden designer x

Cameron November 04, 2016

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