Karibou - master of light



Karibou is a renowned French artist and author. She studied Art History and then devoted herself to painting; her passion. Since her first exhibition in Paris in 1973, she has exhibited her work throughout France and internationally. 


Karibou Painting

Her works can be found in her Provençal atelieron the Atlantic island of L'Ile D'Yeu and in her numerous exhibitions, domestic and abroad. She has an irrepressible fascination with nature and a deep connection with people and animals alike. 

The Studio of Karibou

Her paintings are inspired by the wild coasts of her island life and the seasonal Provencal countryside. She is a master of light and skillfully observes warmth, drama, peace and expressions.


Karibou expresses her art by exploring different techniques with oils, pastels, lithography and engravings.

Karibou Portrait


Explore the Karibou collection. 

You can visit her website here.

Image Credit: Karibou, La Ferme du Bon Dieu

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