Create Brooke and Steve Giannetti's patina style

Living room French lustre antique modern luxury farmhouse buy online from France

Rustic luxury is the signature style of Brooke and Steve Giannetti. They expertly balance old with new, playing with textures, surfaces and finishes that all work beautifully together.  

Pottery candlesticks kitchen dresser buffet

Carefully curated lustres and chandeliers, armoires, buffets, gilded mirrors, pottery and salvaged doors add warmth character and style to these homes.

Set of three silver French candlesticks modern luxury farmhouse decor french wedding present

Set of three French candlesticks

French bronze lustre chandelier buy online from France

19th century bronze lustre

Ornate giltwood mirror in rustic luxe powder room modern farmhouse style

An ornately carved mirror adds a luxurious touch to this powder room and a baptismal font is re-purposed as a chic marble basin.

19th century gilded mirror

Office space with armoire antique books chairs pottery french vintage online

Every object has a rich patina - the buffet full of old books, the desk and raw armchair. The outdoors are welcomed inside with finials, standard roses and dried hydrangeas.

19th century terracotta urn on stand modern farmhouse decor luxury wedding gift from france

19th century terracotta Medici urn on pedestal

French urn buy online direct from france luxury wedding gift modern farmhouse decor

Terracotta French urn

Office space candlesticks French champagne bucket modern farmhouse decor online from France

Re-purposed rustic doors, candlesticks, a vintage urn and a champagne bucket complement the modern furniture in this lovely dining space. 

Vintage champagne bucket

French planter white patina buxus modern farmhouse decor by online from FranceLarge 19th century Medici urn

Fronton above bedhead luxury French vintage buy online from France

carved fronton makes a grand statement in this beautiful bedroom. The rustic side table has a charming patina and is a generous size for a nightstand. 

French pediment carved beige patina modern farmhouse rustic decor bedroom

A late 19th century pediment

Armoire with glass doors leather club chairs and wall sconces buy online from France French wedding present

A pair of wall lights either side of the antique cabinet emphasize the symmetry in this room. The rich brown leather chairs bring contrast and a more relaxed feel.

French gold wall sconces candle pair of sconces 19th century

French candle wall sconces

Large gold French church candlestick giltwood mirror mantlepiece decor buy online from France wedding gift

This mantle piece is decorated with touches of gold using an antique church candle gilded frames.

pair of large French candlesticks carved gold blue luxury wedding gift from France

Pair of 19th century candlesticks with original patina

Pair of commodes in the bedroom modern luxury farmhouse decor buy online from France Patina Farm

A fine pair of European commodes sit either side of the bed - they are the perfect nightstand and offer additional storage. 

Pair of 19th century painted commodes blue and white modern farmhouse decor

Pair of 19th century commodes

French vintage mannequin on stand buy online direct from France

French mannequins 

Old books and coral open storage shelf decoration rustic luxury modern farmhouse decor wedding gift online from France

Antique books, succulents and coral are lovingly displayed on shelves.

rustic luxury living space with modern vintage and antique finds modern farmhouse decor buy direct from france

Light is always in abundance and nature is bought indoors through large French windows and doors, as well as planters and urns which are used both indoors and in the garden. 

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Image credit: Brooke and Steve Giannetti

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