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Rustic farmhouse table and chairs in a farmhouse dining space

Pamela Pierce is a leading interior designer, widely published and admired. Houston based, she has been designing classic and timeless homes for more than thirty years.

Pam Pierce living room with antiques and biot jars

Her aesthetic is elegant, as she masterfully selects antique and modern furnishings to create interiors that are welcoming, stylish and fresh.  From the outdoors in, allow me to guide you through some of her beautiful projects and help you to emulate her style in your home.

Green Gardens and Chic Courtyards

A chic entryway, softened with greenery - box hedge, topiary, and Boston ivy. A pair of large terracotta pots and lanterns flank the entrance.

Terrace with terracotta pots and anduze urns

A cool garden terrace, decorated with terracotta pots, planted with citrus, and Anduze urns adding a touch of classic French elegance. Antique French armchairs with scrolled wrought iron armrests are most inviting beside the stone fountain.

Lush green garden with sculptures and pottery

A lush green and white garden dotted with sculpture, faux bois furniture pottery and charming places to relax in the shade. A rose climbs over a rose arbor creating a perfumed outdoor room.

Stylish kitchens

Rustic round table in a farmhouse kitchen

A rustic round table makes an elegant centerpiece in this light and bright country kitchen. A drapery table would make a lovely kitchen counter with open storage to display a collection of stoneware and pottery. The beautiful French windows look out to the garden.

Hanging copper pots and Provincial orange pottery in a country kitchen

Collections of Provincial pottery and hanging copper pots add warmth and character to this charming farmhouse kitchen. A large three tier chandelier is a statement piece hanging over the kitchen island counter.

Round table with copper pots and salvaged cupboard doors

This kitchen is so inviting, with hanging copper pots, salvaged doors re-purposed for built-in joinery and a rustic round table.

French windows, rustic bulls head and rustic chopping boards

Pam Pierce selects a bulls head to bring character to this sweet country kitchen. The huge timber lintels above the French windows and doors bring a rustic flavor. The wrought iron center counter is used to store stoneware platters, large salad and fruit bowls, baskets and cutting boards.

Alsatian French chairs

Rustic Alsatian chairs with sweet carved hearts bring instant charm to this country kitchen.   Open shelving is used to display a collection of ceramics. A rustic un-glazed pot has been transformed into a superb lamp.

Chic dining spaces

Armoire, lustre, rustic bleached table and chairs

Pam Pierce selects a charming kitchen dresser, rustic dining table and chairs with a rich patina to create a warm and inviting dining area.

A lustre hangs above antique furnishings in this dining room.

The suspended lustre, fitted with candles, and the kitchen dresser displaying blue and white ceramics makes this dining space timeless and elegant. A huge oil on canvas of a country scene is a lovely focal point. A mid century jardiniere is used as a centerpiece, overflowing with foliage and fruit and flanked by a pair of altar candlesticks.

Light and bright farmhouse dining room

Pam uses raw timber furniture and a timber framed mirror to create her trademark neutral color palette.

 Quiet spaces 

Antique mirror in powder room

An antique mirror with a decorative frame makes this powder room a luxury and private space. A pair of stone garden finials play on the simple rose bouquet. A marble baptismal font has been transformed into a wash basin and a pair of crystal wall sconces create symmetry.

Cosy chair to read in the sun, biot jar and French vigneron table

A French biot jar sits atop a table du vigneron in this cosy quiet sunny spot. The perfect place to read a book by the window.

Retreat with rustic French armoires and comfortable chair

Another quiet spot to read a book. The rustic armoires with their lovely patina add richness and warmth to this space. A sculptor's table elevates a lamp - a clever design idea.

Pam Pierce's work is so inspiring, I hope you have enjoyed exploring her work and discovering ways to recreate her timeless aesthetic.

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Image credit - Pam Pierce and Veranda Magazine.

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I’m a designer and was smiling with glee as I looked thru these wonderful designs. Thank you for sharing.
Warm regards

Susan Mason August 05, 2022

Thank you for showing these interiors again. I just love everything that this designer does. For me, she’s is the best designer bar none! Reminds me of the Gianettis with Patina Farm. Absolutely beautiful and so original and creative.

Susan April 28, 2022

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