An exceptional French interior designer: Marie-Laure Helmkampf

French country Farmhouse Helmkampf

Marie-Laure Helmkampf creates elegant yet rustic French homes. Whether they are modern farmhouses, village homes or country cottages, each is thoughtfully designed and decorated.

French country farmhouse Dining room Anduze vase - Helmkampf

Her exquisite architectural spaces are expertly furnished with pieces which complement the building's raw materials. The large Anduze urn is the perfect choice in this divine dining room.

Outdoor french chair in bedroom with mustard bedlinen - Helmkampf

Stone, timber, glass, crisp white plaster and metal are recurring finishes in her work. For her contemporary designs, she creates a focal points with vintage pieces.

A vintage chair adds instant character to this bold bedroom with it's mustard and bronze colored bed-linen.

Open living area with outdoor French chairs and rustic dining table - Helmkampf

She artfully uses outdoor French chairs, alongside a rustic table, with painted benches to create this unique farmhouse style dining space. A rustic chopping board accentuates the timber joinery in the kitchen.

Modern farmhouse bedroom with vintage glassware demijohn

Vintage glassware and demijohn bottles are also a recurring piece of decor. Seen here in the bedroom, they beautifully juxtapose the crisp twisting stairs. 

Vintage demijohn bottles juxtapose modern stairs - Marie Laure Helmkampf

 Modern farmhouse living room with vintage glassware demijohns beside fireplace

The modern fireplace is also decorated with vintage French demijohn bottles.

Demijohn glassware collection on buffet Helmkampf

To continue the glassware theme, clear demijohns and vintage bottles are tastefully displayed on this rustic buffet.

Rustic dining table, french outdoor chairs and bench seats with vintage demijohn Helmkampf

The raw timber, crisp white, black framed windows and doors and glass work together in harmony. This provincial home has a superb ambiance.

Large biot jar sits beside the fireplace Marie Helmkampf

I love the earthy tones and pops of color in this living room, and the nod to Anduze with the large biot jar in beside the fireplace.

Rustic kitchen island bench modern farmhouse Helmkampf

I find built in kitchen islands can be such a lost opportunity. Marie-Laure Helmkampf carefully selects a rustic table with draws and plenty of open storage to make a centerpiece in this beautiful farmhouse kitchen. When moving house, this kind of storage doesn't need to be left behind.

Salvaged door rustic bath mirror French chair Helmkampf

Marie-Laure chooses a rustic salvaged door to add rich texture and earthy tones to this neutral bathroom.

Master bedroom in a modern farmhouse Marie-Laure Helmkampf

Marie-Laure creates contrast in this modern master bedroom with a rustic ladder used as a towel rack.

Vintage wicker chairs poolside in Provence Helmkampf

A pair of vintage wicker armchairs look wonderful beside this inviting pool.

French outdoor garden setting Marie Laure Helmkampf

A classic French garden table in this quiet shady spot in the garden, an olive tree sits in a zinc panier - bringing out the grey tones in the stonework.

Provincial garden with swimming pool vineyards and olive trees Helmkampf

Summer in Provence - fruit trees, green vineyards with plump grapes, and of course olive trees. 

For more inspiration from Marie-Laure Helmkampf, take a look at her website. She has also been featured multiple times in Cote Maison.

All images care of ML Helmpkampf.


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  • glenda lafont

    A wonderful house.

  • Lorri

    Your designs are timeless, cosy and warm. I picture myself in these rooms and sigh… I am home, they are so beautiful.

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