How to choose the best mirror for your home

Antique French mirror buy the best mirror powderroom gold luxury

How do you buy the best mirror for your home? There is a lot to consider when choosing the right mirror. Size, colour and position are all important factors to consider. The great thing is that you have so much flexibility. You can try mirrors in different places and rooms. Try turning a rectangular mirror on its side to see what views you may pick up that you hadn't considered and gain back useful wall space for other pieces. 

The best entryway mirror

Entry way mirrors are practical and also set the tone of your home. They brighten up an often dark hallway and work perfectly above console tables and buffets. 

Buy entryway best mirror french mirror from france giltwood vintage antique

An antique French mirror with a decorative gilded frame is the perfect choice for a sophisticated result. 

Buy entryway best large mirror french mirror from france giltwood vintage antique

An oversize French mirror can be floor mounted to reflect beautiful tiles.

Buy entryway best mirror french mirror from france giltwood vintage antique Louis Philippe

gold framed Louis Philippe mirror creates a classic French interior. Paired with a console table you can reflect Fresh flowers and other decor pieces to add depth to a beautiful vignette. 

The best living room mirror

If you don't know how to buy a mirror for your living room, start by surveying the architectural features of the space. If you have a fireplace, a French mantle mirror is a classic choice.

French mirror on fire place mantle buy mirror from france fast delivery

A decorative gold framed mirror above the fireplace is a bold choice and makes a grand statement. 

French mirror on fire place mantle buy mirror from france fast delivery Louis Philippe antique

Louis Philippe mirrors are an iconic design, with a square base and curved top corners, they are sensational for the mantle piece. 

French mirror on fire place mantle buy mirror from france fast delivery sunburst butlers mirror

A round butlers mirror or sunburst mirror is a lovely sculptural choice for a traditional living room.

Buy the best mirror for your living room oversize mirror antique French fast shipping

An oversize French giltwood mirror brings a touch of luxury to this beautiful crisp white Parisian apartment. 

French mirror above console buy mirror from france fast delivery Louis Philippe mirror

A Louis Philippe mirror paired with vintage furniture makes this eclectic space pop. 

Collection of round sunburst butlers mirrors on dark wall colour of 2016 buy the best mirrors from France

A collection of convex butlers mirrors makes a wonderful feature particularly against a dark wall. 

French buy the best mirror for living room buy mirror from france fast delivery patina frame

Consider where the windows are and what you might like to reflect into the room from the garden. A French mirror with a painted frame makes this space have a French country feel. The rich patina complements the other pieces of furniture. 

The best bedroom mirror

Choose a mirror that brings a luxurious touch to your bedroom for a Parisian chic style.

Gold framed French mirror buy the best mirror from France bedroom ideas decorating with mirrors

Mantle mirrors and French vintage sunburst mirrors are beautiful choices.

French mirror bedroom best giltwood large mantlepiece Parisian chic

Extra large oversize French mirror buy the best mirror from France

If you want a full length mirror, consider resting an oversize French mirror against the wall so that you can see your full outfit.

The best bathroom mirror

The bathroom is such a perfect canvas to use a statement mirror. A luxurious soak in the tub is even more tempting in these beautiful bathrooms with their stunning French and European mirrors. 

Buy the best mirror for bathroom antique french mirror buy from France

Decorative best mirror french bathtub choose the perfect mirror

The patina on this ornate mirror works so well with the claw foot bathtub. 

Giltwood mirror and chandelier in luxurious French bathroom buy best mirror

A rectangular French giltwood mirror and chandelier make this modern bathroom so inviting. 

Large French mirror giltwood rectangular buy from France fast shipping United States

A large French giltwood mirror and an antique mirror above the sink change the whole atmosphere of the space and bring a romantic touch. 

Louis Philippe French antique mirror buy from France fast shipping Parisian chic

A classic Louis Philippe mirror complements the vintage floor tile in this black and white bathroom.

The best powder room mirror

Traditionally powder rooms are a small space without a window. A mirror is an essential piece, and this is an opportunity to buy a large antique mirror or to display a collection of small mirrors.  

Luxury powder room choose the perfect mirror for powderroom fast shipping

This marble powder room is so cleverly thought out with a large antique mirror to make a small space seem much larger. 

Luxury powder room buy the best French mirror for powderroom fast shipping

This dark powder room is absolutely stunning herringbone timber floor and a gold antique mirror above the marble basin. 

Chic powder room buy the best mirror from France fast shipping to United States

A chic powder room with some rustic touches. The stone basin and wicker basket are beautiful touches. The decorative gold framed mirror is the hero of the space. 

The best kitchen mirror

A lovely idea is to buy a mirror for the kitchen. You may want to keep an eye on the children while you have your back turned, or bring a lovely garden into the space.

Buy the best Antique French mirror cheapest fast delivery to United States from France Kitchen decor ideas mirrors

If your kitchen has no windows a mirror mounted horizontally will bounce more light around the space. Consider decorating with herbs and pot plants around the window to amplify the green. 

Image credit: DuPont™ Corian®, Richard Shapiro, M L Interior Design, David Merewether (Wealden Times), Royal Roulotte, Planete Deco, Brooke Giannetti, Décor Fácil, Furturist Architecture, Conde Nast House & Garden,, Elle Decor, Doug Aitken, CÔTE MAISON, House Beautiful, Nicholas Mathéus Chez Pluie and Pinterest.

Explore the full Chez Pluie collection of fine French mirrors here.

Buy the best mirror French white patina online from France fast delivery

Napoleon III mirror with white patina

Butlers mirror sunburts mirror buy the best mirror from France oval

Louis Philippe butlers mirror

Gilded frame giltwood gold frame French mirror antique Louis Philippe

Classic Louis Phillippe mirror

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