Four easy ways to decorate with sunburst mirrors

Sunburst mirror centered above a bed bedroom mirror ideas

Iconic sunburst mirrors date to the 17th century, when King Louis XIV popularized the sun motif. He declared himself to be the Sun King and his love of mirrors was epitomized at Versailles in the hall of mirrors. 

It wasn't until the 1940's - during the Hollywood Regency period - when sunburst mirrors were staple decor in grand estates. The heritage of sunburst mirrors is French, however there are many highly decorative Italian examples which frequently appear in our collection.

1. Sunburst mirrors in foyers and entryways

Vintage sunburst mirrors in foyer entryway

Timothy Corrigan chooses a vertical trio of sunburst mirrors for this grand foyer space. 

Sunburst gallery wall in stairwell entryway entrance hall

A Chaty Vallauris sunburst mirror is the centerpiece of this eclectic sunburst gallery wall. 

Single statement starburst mirror in entryway hallway

Here Alex Papachristidis creates a unique vignette featuring a carved frame sunburst mirror and stunning patterned wallpaper as the backdrop. 

Sunburst mirror above buffet in entryway and living room gold frame

A relaxed symmetry is achieved here with a large gold framed sunburst mirror between wall sconces. A collection of antique finials are balanced with books and fresh flowers. 

2. Sunburst mirrors in bedrooms

Sunburst mirrors have a dreamy effect in bedrooms with their celestial form. They are suitable for both formal master bedrooms with a bold color palette, and are also just as gorgeous in a modern space. 

Sunburst mirrors four poster bed antique decor Timothy Corrigan

This luxurious light-filled bedroom was designed by Timothy Corrigan where he uses another vertical pair of sunburst mirrors to create a focal point and emphasize the ceiling height. 

Gallery wall of sunburst mirrors in modern white bedroom

A collection of mid-century French Chaty Vallauris sunburst mirrors make a big impact in a crisp white modern bedroom. 

Sunburst mirror over bedroom in classic interior

A single large gold-framed sunburst mirror is a beautiful choice for this guest bedroom designed by Alex Papachristidis.

3. Sunburst mirror gallery walls

Sunburst mirrors are dream to decorate with as they complement both modern and traditional interiors.

Sunburst mirror gallery wall with chandelier lustre white and grey interior

This collection of vintage sunburst mirrors is in a beautiful home designed by Courtney Giles. A grey wall paint provides a beautiful contrast to the gold frames. 

Sunburst starburst mirror gallery wall dark paint contrast

Here a dark wall paint has a very different effect. A combination of antique butler's mirrors and vintage sunburst mirrors are skillfully arranged. 

4. Sunburst mirrors in living rooms

Sunburst mirror in classic living room Architectural Digest

A vintage sunburst mirror is the hero of this mixed gallery wall. Neutral fabrics and a beautiful antique armchair make this living space sophisticated and relaxed. 

Pair of sunburst mirrors symmetry in living room by Timothy Corrigan

Symmetry and balance can be dramatically expressed with sunburst mirrors in living rooms.

A single mirror above a mantle is always a stunning choice, as are a pair either side of the fireplace which balance and broaden the room's focal point, as in this exquisite Timothy Corrigan living space. 

Timothy Corrigan living room with gold sunburst mirror vintage and antique decor

A single sunburst mirror is hung above a painting between two full height windows, also designed by Timothy Corrigan. 

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Image Credit: Timothy Corrigan, Alex Papachristidis, Courtney Giles, Architectural Digest, Pinterest.

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