Seven decorating ideas with demijohn bottles

A demijohn - small or large, on it's own or in a collection is an essential piece in any home. Glorious with blossom and sculptural branches, or simply laissez-faire

1. A welcoming collection

These three demijohns in varying colors - clear, aqua and greens lighten up this mudroom.

 2. A statement collection with floral branches

This stunning glassware collection with different shapes, sizes and color complement one another, particularly the patina on this rustic confiturier

demijohn collection on confiturier

 3. Pair with your other collectibles 

The clear demijohn brightens up this rustic timber shelving and is fun mixed with glazed pottery and other vintage collectibles.

Demijohns bar kitchen

4. A collection by the window 

Spring blooms and natural light make this collection of demijohns utterly sublime. The contrast between the white and rustic carpenters workbench is so effective. 

Demijohn collection rustic table

5. Display on open shelves

The glass bottles on display in this charming rustic home is evocative of summer and beach vibes. 

Demijohn rustic holiday home

6. On the terrace

Decorate your terrace or courtyard with demijohns and enjoy the water-like shadows.

Demijohns on the terrace

Demijohns outside in the garden

7. Up the stairs

A fun way to decorate a staircase and add a pop of color in a unique way.

Demijohn bottles up the stairs

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Photo credit: WTWonen, Elle Magazine, Cote maison, Pinterest, Facily, Deco and Living, Homebunch, Chez Pluie Provence

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