Kelly Harmon - 5 ways to emulate her classic style

House with horse would be an appropriate way to describe the style of Kelly Harmon. Relaxed homes with a muted palette, views to lush lawns and grazing horses are her key ingredients.

1. Over-sized weathered garden pots

Kelly Harmon French garden gate and antique olive jar

An antique Spanish olive jar complements this beautiful garden entrance surrounded by old French roses. 

2. French preserving pots

Kelly Harmon French style kitchen

This is a cook's kitchen. A marble top island is decorated with antique confit pots and stoneware. The chain-suspended pot holder is decorated with dried flowers and vintage salad baskets

3. Antique French toy horses

Kelly Harmon kitchen French style

This beautiful country kitchen features a rustic draper's table as a kitchen island and a 19th century toy horse on the windowsill - a reminder of who is waiting outdoors. 

Kelly Harmon garden French style

A happy horse looks through a barn door under the shade of fragrant roses. 

4. Gilded accents

Antique gilded candlesticks Kelly Harmon interior

A fine pair of gilt wood candlesticks amplify the gold in the triptych artwork, yet provide contrast to the rustic wooden bowl. A pair of antique Swedish chairs are a lovely way to frame a commode.

Kelly Harmon garden french classic

A French lantern adds dimensional interest to the stone wall. This is paradise for horses!

5. Antique church candlesticks

Dining room Kelly Harmon interior design

Large antique altar candlesticks can make a striking statement on their own, while smaller candlesticks look wonderful in pairs or larger groups. 

Luxurious French bathroom tub candlestick Kelly Harmon

French living room ideas Kelly Harmon

Image credit: Kelly Harmon Interiors and design website

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