Musée Rodin - a calming sanctuary in the heart of Paris

Musee Rodin French landscaping

Musee Rodin is as much as an open air gallery as a museum with impressive interiors. The three hectare estate is a peaceful sanctuary in the heart of Paris.

Museee Rodin Paris 18th century French mansion

The beautiful French gardens are the perfect backdrop to many of Rodin's large scale masterpieces including The Thinker, Balzac, Aphrodite, Orpheus, the Gates of Hell and Adam and Eve.

Musee Rodin Dantes gates of Hell Paris gallery

The early 18th century mansion is flanked by fragrant rose gardens with perfectly sculpted topiary. The building - built by Jean Aubert - became a museum in 1916 - an initiative by Rodin himself.

Rodin sculpture Victor Hugo Paris

Inside the light filled space you will be treated with famed sculptures of Victor Hugo and Balzac and be moved by The Kiss and The Walking Man. 

Musee Rodin Paris classic French garden

A lovely surprise is a selection of paintings from Rodin's personal collection including works by Renoir, Monet and Van Gogh. 

Van Gogh painting Musee Rodin

Through the rippled glass French windows you can enjoy views down the garden's main axis, Parisian rooftops and other celebrated landmarks.

Musee Rodin Paris

Musee Rodin wrought iron balustrade antique lantern entryway ideas

Musee Rodin axis parterre

The garden cafe is a wonderful place to repose and rest your feet and imagine what life was like living and creating art in such an inspiring environment. 

Musee Rodin Paris garden sculpture hornbeam hedge

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