Six Beautiful Garden Room Ideas

Russell Page garden room french garden ideas star jasmine

I have always loved the concept of a garden room. A tranquil retreat in the home, with fresh air, glossy foliage and the sweet scent of flowers.

Garden room ideas exposed brick French garden

Pots, baskets, buckets, birdcages, urns, wicker and watering cans are some of my favorite garden room pieces.

Balcony in Paris covered in flowers and geraniums

It's a space where styles and materials can be mixed and matched freely - zinc, raw timbers and terracotta - and of course windows framing views to the garden, the sky or in this setting - the rooftops of Paris!

1. Going potty

Pair of garden pots french doors garden room green and white

A pair of urns planted with white flowers look fabulous flanking this rustic staircase. The sunflowers in the zinc pitcher welcome you into this charming garden room.

Garden room dining setting anduze urn and trees french doors

A pair of Anduze urns bring the outdoors in, in this charming light-filled space. Mismatching chairs bring character and warmth - this is a dining area for a long winter's lunch! 

2. Baskets and buckets

Garden room potting shed baskets zinc buckets french windows

A gardener's delight - the potting shed. This light and bright space is overflowing with terracotta pots, galvanized buckets, rustic watering cans and wicker baskets.

3. Birdcages & Feathered friends

Huge birdcage in garden room with planted ferns

A birdcage contributes a sculptural element to any space, whether inhabited by your feathered friends or planted with succulents and ferns.

Birdcage hanging planted with succulents 

4. Urns

Garden room with pair of medici urns and plane trees

Medici urns are a classic piece for any French style garden. Whether they're left empty or used as planters or vases, they are an elegant accessory. 

Garden room Medici urns statuettes french lustre

This breathtaking garden room uses black accents to contrast natural stone finishes and the greenery that surrounds. 

Medici urns planted with moss and decorated with winter foilage

A moss planted Medici urn is a beautiful way to bring texture and color to any space or table setting, no matter what time of year. 

5. Wicker furniture

Apartment garden room wicker furniture pot plants indoor plants french windows

Whether in an apartment or a country home, wicker furniture brings a vintage touch to any garden room.

Wicker furniture and anduze urn planter vase under grape vine 

 6. Watering cans & demijohns

French copper watering can and medici urn on pedestal climbing rose rustic garden

Antique copper watering cans and a cast iron urn planted with boxwood make this setting unmistakably French. 

rattan cane wicker furniture garden room
A large demijohn bottle gives this mid-century garden room an eclectic feel.
Garden room garden goals chippendale chairs
Dominique Lafourcade garden wisteria vine view

Create your garden room with our exquisite collection of urns, planters and French furniture.

Image credit: Russell Page, Pinterest, Dominique Lafourcade, Cote Maison 

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