The Louis XVI Style 1760-1789

Louis XVI style furniture and decorative objects are complementary to modern and classic interiors. The linear forms, symmetry, and delicate gilding enable them to blend with modern furniture, brass hardware, and fixtures while adding a sculptural quality to a neutral palette. 
Exquisite Louis XVI style Console tables and benches stand on tapered fluted legs tied with cross stretchers and a centre urn.
Photo by Joe Schmelzer- Louis XVI round back armchair

The opulence of the Louis XV period left people with an appetite for change. "The geniality and Simplicity of Louis XVI, the gaiety of Queen Marie-Antoinette are consistent with the decorative arts produced in this period, which, weary of the exotic refinements and disorderly exuberance of the rocaille, embraced freshness and ease."
The Louis XVI linear forms and delicate gilding harmonize the French country style—this was the design intention at its conception. At that time, "There was a longing for fresh air...the ceremonial rooms and townhouses of large cities were abandoned in favor of small, rustic retreats. Fussy elegance came to be less favored than spontaneous grace."
Client's home in California - Louis XVI pier mirror from Chez Pluie

Louis XVI mirrors are decorated with gorgeous ornamentation—beading, fretting, indented corners with rosettes, laurel foliage, whimsical rinceau and garlands, egg and dart, fascia molding. Crested mirrors are crowned with knotted ribbons and trophies.
Quotes from French Furniture From Louis XIII to Art Deco, Chadenet, Sylvie, 1981 J'adore ma maison

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