The Anduze urn. Timeless elegance

Discover our range of bespoke Anduze pottery.
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Anduze urns on the corner of a pool
The Tuscan Medici urn is said to be the inspiration of the French potter who created the Anduze vase in the 1600s. He captured the elegant shape perfectly. The outcome was the refined balance between Italian expressiveness and French restraint. 
French anduze urn
Historically, these vases were used to decorate the estates of properties in the South of France, and are now sought after worldwide. Anduze vases are adorned with garlands and classical figures. The clay badge on each vase identifies the artisan's name. 
French Anduze urn vase planter bespoke pottery

Exclusively handmade, there is no compromise on quality. Every piece is unique, one off and made to order. The result is breathtaking. The craftsmanship care and quality of material that is invested into each and every piece is inspiring.  

When comparing our range with other Anduze Pottery makers, we advise all our clients to ask two simple questions. Firstly, are the products still handmade or are they now made with industrial manufacturing equipment? Secondly, how much material is used in the products and how does the weight of the pottery compare to genuine handmade pieces?    

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Our pottery is the choice of the Château of Versailles, Château de Mons, Château de Flaugergues and the Manor of the Garde. They also line the streets of Nice on the Côte d'Azur and the exquisite village of Montpellier. These historic landmarks and discerning clients demand the best quality.

Discover our collection of bespoke Anduze pottery.

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