Introducing élément terre - bespoke French pottery

Collection of French bespoke artisan pottery with white glaze from Provence

We are thrilled to introduce our exquisite collection of French hand crafted pottery. You will find these pieces truly inspiring - bringing a flavour of the South of France to your home.

Pottery studio in the main street of Gigondas - a famous wine village in Provence 

Gigondas - a charming village in Provence is nestled into the the foot of the spectacular Dentelles de Montmirail

Bespoke pottery in Provence

A jewel in the crown of the village is an artisan pottery studio. Sylvie and Michel Carles create the most exquisite handmade pottery, inspired by the surrounding Provincial countryside.

Ceramic  fig leaf dish with white glaze

Leaves collected locally form the moulds for stunning plates and dishes. They are so life-like and appear to have floated down from the tree.

Set of four coffee cups, bespoke french pottery with white glaze

This set of four espresso cups is superb, sitting on a rustic cutting board.

Rectangular French bespoke platter with argyle pattern - white glaze

A rectangular platter with a stunning floral pattern is suitable for cheese, fruit, or even a beautiful plate for your nightstand - perfect for a water glass, reading glasses and jewelry.

White glazed ceramic french utensil pot

Practical and beautiful pieces are decorated with figs and leaves, moulded from local fruit. This utensil container is a wonderful example of their work.

Water jug with fig leaf decoration bespoke white glazed

The autumn brings figs in abundance, which have inspired this gorgeous water jug and pot holder.

French white glazed pot with fig detail

French bespoke salad bowl with garlic grater, spout and white glaze

An ingenious design, this salad bowl has a spout and garlic grater on the inside. In France, salad dressing is prepared in the salad bowl, (always with garlic) then the salad leaves rest on top. When it is ready to be served, the salad is stirred which is traditionally after the main dish, but before cheese.

Handmade bespoke artisanal french pottery kitchenware

Sylvie at work creating pine cones, figs and grape leaves from moulds. For more inspiration discover our full range of Bespoke French pottery.

If you are visiting Provence, Gigondas is a must see. 


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Beautiful items.
Do you ship to Australia?

Helen Burke March 13, 2024

Absolutely gorgeous pieces. So unique; simply wonderful. Do you ship to USA?

Judy S Swanner April 15, 2019

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