Design icon John Saladino

Saladino - outdoor room, bench seat and pottery planters

Design icon John Saladino creates timeless interiors and classic landscapes. His ability to mix old with results in homes which are classic and sobering.

A serene outdoor room with thoughtfully positioned potted evergreens, a rustic galvanized panier, Alsatian chairs and a classic bench.

Symmetry evergreens pottery John Saladino

French oak and cherry wood bench seat with scalloped detail and back rest

Our 19th century oak and cherry wood banquette

 Antique chairs and trees in terracotta planters in an outdoor room - Saladino

carriageway open driveway with eucalyptus trees and cypress pines - Saladino

A beautiful courtyard with eucalyptus and cypress trees, buxus, and cacti. This Montecito home is a true Saladino trademark.

Our pair of mid century french garden urns, weathered,  with splayed tulip shape

Our weathered mid-century garden urns

Our flame glazed anduze planter pool side.

Our Flame glazed Anduze vase poolside

Symmetrical door large pottery planted with buxus around doorway

He describes his work as “walk-in still lifes,” which is entirely what he achieves. Symmetry and sight lines are pronounced with beautifully curated pieces.

collection antique terracotta pots classic still life saladino neutral palette

A collection of over-sized pots displayed indoors creates a link between the terrace and the living space.

Our  pair of large french pots with four handles

Our pair of large French pots have a rich patina

Fireplace bedroom antique and vintage finds - saladino

bedroom leather antiques and french windows - saladino

rounded french window in a light and bright kitchen with open storage and pottery - Saladino

A charming view through the arched window, to the gardens beyond. This is a kitchen to cook in with open storage, light and character.

Our French mid-century Louis XIV style medallion

Our Louis XIV style medallion

19th century french drapers table

Our 19th Century French drapers table makes a perfect kitchen island, shown here with coq and wisteria vine baskets

Looking out the black framed french window to the layered hedging, with pots and topiary - Saladino

Looking out over the terracotta roof tiles to the potted evergreens and layered hedges. The symmetry drawers your eye to the terracotta pot among the mass of conifers.

Under the olive trees cane chairs, antique table, classic saladino Mediterranean landscapes

A long rustic table under the olive trees with wicker chairs is so inviting. The large glass jars with candles and hanging lantern add charm and character.

Our large refectory dining table - 19th century

Our 19th century refectory table was once used by the bank of France in Clermont-Ferrand.

lustre, french windows and round table - saladino dining room

The hanging lustre is the hero of this light-filled dining space.

Our French bronze lustre ten arm

Our 1920's French lustre is bronze and copper

 Rustic solid raw timber doors lead into the house, with a lustre and french biot pottery jar

Huge studded doors invite you in to this rustic space. The olive jar makes a strong focal point with its wild branches. 

 Bespoke french pottery artisan made biot jars ancient olive jars

Our bespoke Biot jars are available in a range of colors and sizes.

 19th century french candlestick from a church in gold copper

Our 19th century copper candlestick was once at the altar of a French church

Our 19th century French marble top butchers table

Our 19th century French marble butchers table was once used to display the best cuts of meat in a Boucherie.

saladino symmetry gilt wood mirror

Peaceful living room with antiques and concrete pedestal

This charming space is classic Saladino - the sculpture, console table and antique armchair complement one against a contemporary back drop.

Louis XIII hessian chair

Our Louis XIII hessian chair dates to the 1880's

Our mid century french planter on pedestal weathered with scrolls and urn

Our French urn on a pedestal is wonderfully weathered.

Saladino lush shady garden

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Image credit: John Saladino, Veranda Magazine, Elle DecorPinterest

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