Decorate with French antiques this fall

The radiant morning dew, the gradual reduction in daylight, and the vibrant hues of autumn leaves collectively create an irresistible allure to harvest and bring indoors the essence of this enchanting season. Skillfully intertwining branches through decorative accents such as ceramics, glassware, and wickerwork results in a visually striking and exuberant display that captures the spirit of fall. Presented below are a plethora of inspiring decorating ideas tailored to accentuate the beauty of this splendid season.

Open shelves

Image from the Liz Marie Blog

Give open shelves a breath of revitalizing charm with an eclectic array of decorative pieces, including pumpkins, antique books steeped in history, delicate glass domes that encapsulate subtle elegance, intricately woven wickerwork adding a touch of rustic allure, botanic art depicting nature's exquisite beauty, and a cast iron Medici planter brimming with a lush bouquet of feathers, rendering a harmonious blend of sophistication and natural warmth.

Living Room

Image by Helen Norman

Transform your living space into a haven of warmth and comfort by artfully enhancing its ambiance with a rich array of antique treasures. Begin with a carefully selected antique oil painting, elegantly encased in a gilded frame, which becomes the focal point, exuding timeless charm and sophistication. Complement this artistic centerpiece with an expanded assortment of antique candlesticks arranged thoughtfully throughout the room. Their flickering flames create a cozy, intimate atmosphere, casting dancing shadows that amplify the room's allure.

Extend the fall theme with an even more vibrant and diverse collection of pumpkins, ranging in colors from deep oranges to muted greens and whites. Arrange them artfully on tables, shelves, and the hearth, creating a dynamic and visually striking autumnal display. Let the pumpkins serve as a bridge between the rich history of your antique décor and the seasonal beauty that unfolds outside your windows.

Introduce a sense of opulence and comfort with an expanded selection of antique furniture, including an upholstered antique slipper chair. This plush seating option not only provides a luxurious spot to relax but also adds a layer of texture and history to the room. Consider incorporating vintage textiles, such as embroidered throw pillows or a cozy antique quilt draped over the back of the chair, for an extra touch of tactile elegance.

Incorporate unique curiosities, such as a vintage globe, an antique magnifying glass, or a collection of aged leather-bound books. These intriguing additions not only tell stories of times gone by but also add layers of visual interest, sparking conversations and creating a sense of curated eclecticism.

Complete the transformation by integrating antique sconces or wall-mounted candelabras to further enhance the ambient lighting. Their graceful forms and aged patina contribute to the overall aesthetic, casting a warm and inviting glow that envelops the room in a timeless embrace.

In crafting a living room that seamlessly marries antique elegance with the cozy charm of fall, you create a space that transcends time, inviting both history and the current season to coexist in perfect harmony.

Dining Room

Image by Helen Norman

À table! This dining room is framed with colorful bouquets of orchids, berries, foliage, and dried seedpods. The table is set with gorgeous porcelain dinnerware, crystal wineglasses, and silver goblets. Chapeau gendarme dining chairs surround the extendable round antique dining table. Grace your space with antique candleholders crafted from brass or giltwood. Illuminate your surroundings with the warm glow of candles to create an intimate and inviting atmosphere as the evenings grow longer.

Extend the theme with a rustic, antique sideboard, displaying heirloom dishes or a collection of ornate pumpkins. The juxtaposition of storied pieces against fall's rich hues transforms your dining space into a captivating haven where tradition and the beauty of the season harmonize.


Antique French copper fall kitchen decorating ideas

Image by Stephanie Welbourne Steele, Styling by Maghan Armstrong, The Cottage Journal

Showcase a captivating collection of antique copper pots, pans, and utensils. The gleaming, warm tones of copper not only harmonize effortlessly with the fall color palette but also infuse your space with a touch of culinary history. Arrange these timeless pieces on open shelves or hang them strategically on the walls to create a visually stunning display that seamlessly marries form and function. The aged patina and intricate craftsmanship of each copper item tell a story of countless meals prepared and shared, adding a layer of character to your kitchen.

Extend the antique theme by incorporating a vintage kitchen scale with brass details.. This functional yet aesthetically pleasing piece serves as both a practical tool and a charming decorative element, contributing to the overall nostalgic ambiance. Consider pairing it with antique cookbooks, their weathered pages and vintage illustrations adding a touch of old-world charm to your culinary corner.

To enhance the sensory experience, introduce antique spice jars with ornate labels and intricate lids. These small but impactful details not only organize your spices but also contribute to the overall visual appeal, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. By infusing your kitchen with these antique elements, you transform it into a space where culinary artistry and historical charm converge in a delightful autumnal symphony.


Image by Laurey W. Glenn

Elevate your outdoor haven into a nostalgic retreat, where the timeless allure of antiques mingles seamlessly with the essence of fall. An antique marble garden table and wrought iron chair serve as the canvas for this seasonal masterpiece. Adorning this outdoor space, antique lanterns cast a warm, flickering glow that adds a vintage charm as daylight wanes.

Rustic, weathered gardening tools find a second life as decorative accents, housed in vintage pots that echo the garden's history. Scatter antique wooden crates around, laden with a harvest display of pumpkins, gourds, and dried corn husks, embodying the agricultural spirit of fall. Antique birdhouses suspended from branches contribute a whimsical touch, while elegant Victorian garden statues add a classical beauty to the scene. Draped over the wrought iron chair, antique plaid blankets beckon outdoor relaxation, offering warmth and vintage coziness on brisk fall days.

Aged wooden crates repurposed as flower stands showcase pots of fall blooms, adding layers of texture and color to the outdoor tableau. Repurposing antique metal watering cans as vases for fall flowers infuses the display with character and a sense of bygone charm. In harmonizing these antique touches with the natural elements, your outdoor retreat becomes a sanctuary that not only celebrates the beauty of fall but also pays homage to the enduring allure of antiques and the rich history they carry.

In the barn or on the terrace

Image by Helen Norman

In the rustic embrace of a weathered barn, autumn transforms into a sensory symphony for a leisurely, shared luncheon. The essence of fall is captured in oak leaves, elegantly displayed in blown glass demijohns, creating a centerpiece that echoes the rustic elegance of the surroundings. Antique oil lamps cast a warm, flickering glow, adding an enchanting ambiance, where the seating is a charming mismatch of antique dining chairs.

Extend the tableau by integrating weathered wooden crates with a timeworn patina, arranged artfully to showcase the bounty of the season. Overflowing with apples, pears, and decorative gourds, these crates evoke a traditional harvest aesthetic, enhancing the rustic charm of the barn setting. The mingling scents of autumn fruits and the flickering candlelight create an edible still life, inviting guests to savor not only the flavors of the season but also the timeless beauty of antique elements woven seamlessly into the dining experience. Elevate the rustic charm further by introducing vintage quilts draped over chairs and antique brass candleholders for an added layer of warmth and visual richness. In this bucolic haven, every detail harmonizes to celebrate both the bounty of fall and the enduring appeal of cherished antiques.


Image credit: Helen Norman, Southern Living, Liz Marie, Laurey W. Glenn, The Cottage Journal (Stephanie Welbourne Steele, Styling by Maghan Armstrong)

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