Antique French confit pots - decorating ideas

Antique French confit pot with flowers

French pots confits were originally used for storing preserves throughout south west France. The are easily identified as they are glazed on the inside and the top half of the outside. There are two small handles and date from the 19th and 20th Centuries. The glaze is generally an ocher yellow however green can also be found. 

Antique French confit pot with hydrangeas

As they are many collectors of French pottery there are several inspiring decorating ideas. Using confit pots as a mid-sized vase is a superb idea. Whether displayed in the kitchen, living room or dining room the timeworn patina contrasts fresh-cut flowers beautifully. 

Antique French yellow and green pottery

Collection of antique French pottery confit pots orange yellow glaze

Fireplace with Confit pots as vases

Kitchen sink with antique French pottery

Kitchen sink antique French confit pot

Antique French drapery table with pottery collection and glass garden globe bell

A rustic drapery style table is an easy way to display collections of antique pottery that can be changed with the seasons. Here a glass French garden cloche contrasts the rustic yellow-glazed cruches and confit pot. Orchids are planted in a large antique French tian bowl

Collection of green glazed antique French confit pots 19th Century

This superb collection of green-glazed confit pots bring a pop of colour to this kitchen and offset the blue and white back splash beautifully.

Antique French pottery collection with church candlesticks

Gilded altar candlesticks play on the timeworn patina of these 19th Century French confit pots

Dining room with confit pot vase

French dining room confit pot vase

This farmhouse dining area is decorated with copper, lanterns, antique plates and a pop of colour added with a yellow-glazed French confit pot. 

Center table with antique French confit pot floral display

A large floral display in a French confit pot makes a superb focal point in this unusual round living space. This ensemble would work well in an entry foyer.

Dining room table antique chandelier mirror and French pottery

A mix of orchids are planted in confit pots in this French-style dining room and are offset by the decorative mirror and chandelier.

Entry table with green French confit pot

A vintage faux bois table is a fun choice for an entryway. Set atop is a green glaze confit pot with a colorful floral arrangement.

Club chair with antique French pottery collection

This 1950's French leather club chair brings this collection of antique French pottery into another era. The juxtaposition of materials proves that periods can be easily mixed and result in a lovely relaxed space. 

Living room antique French confit pot

Large olive branches arranged in yellow-glazed French confit pots bring nature indoors in this homely living room, framed by the French windows behind. 

Explore our collection of antique and vintage French pottery.

Image credit: Axel Veervordt, The Cottage Journal, Cote de Texas, Thurston / Boyd, Christopher Worthland Interiors, Kathryn M. Ireland, House Beautiful, E Mag Deco, Chez Pluie

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