A Few Nights Away on the Côte d'Azur: A Pottery and Glass Blowing Focus

The itinerary


For a friendly, reasonably priced, and delicious meal, we dined at Epicurien Cabris. The atmosphere was warm, and the cuisine exceeded our expectations.

We stayed at a cozy place with stunning views and easy parking at Bois d'Amont. Another alternative we considered was the Auberge du Vieux Château, which also boasts incredible views and has a restaurant that looked very inviting.


Having visited Grasse before, we decided to explore the Perfume Museum and the Provence Museum in town. Both were fascinating and offered a deep dive into the region's rich history. We also visited the perfume gardens on our way out of town, heading towards Biot.


For both nights, we stayed at Vague Saint Paul, which provided a comfortable base for our explorations.


In Vallauris, we were captivated by the Picasso Museum and enjoyed visiting the various little ateliers. You can find more information here.

The Pottery Museum and the Jean Marais exhibition were also intriguing stops on our journey. Check them out here.

Le Cannet

The drive from Vallauris to Le Cannet is stunning, though a bit nerve-wracking. Le Cannet quickly became my new favorite village with its incredible boutiques. A must-see is Rue St Sauveur, filled with restaurants, bars, cafes, and unique shops offering both clothing and interior décor.

We even had the chance to create our own perfume at Mayme Perfume without an appointment, which was a delightful experience.


Biot is a charming village with numerous restaurants and a small museum dedicated to Biot jars.

The highlight was visiting La Verrerie, where we watched artisans blowing glass and explored a beautiful boutique. For more details, visit Verrerie Biot.


In Vence, we visited the exquisite Chapelle du Rosaire, designed by Henri Matisse. The chapel is a stunning piece of art and a must-see for anyone interested in modern art and architecture. You can learn more about it here.

Saint Paul de Vence

Although touristy, Saint Paul de Vence is undeniably pretty with an abundance of shops and art galleries. Arriving early at 9 AM, we enjoyed a peaceful visit to Marc Chagall's grave in the picturesque cemetery, followed by a walk through the village streets and the ramparts.

Parking is convenient at the Foundation Maeght, which is a beautiful and easy walk from the village. The Foundation Maeght itself is a treasure trove of art, with garden sculptures and indoor galleries. The museum cafe is fantastic, and art lovers will especially appreciate the numerous works by Giacometti. More information is available here.

This trip offered a perfect blend of art, history, and stunning landscapes, making it an unforgettable getaway on the Côte d'Azur.

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