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10 ways to create your French country farmhouse

French style outdoor living  A summer's day in Provence is all about long lunches in aromatic gardens, heirloom roses, lavender and bubbling garden fountains.  Rustic garden furniture, and weathered zinc and stone sculptures soften shady spots in courtyards and on terraces.  Large garden pots Antique weathered garden urns add structure and formality to outdoor spaces.  Classic French Anduze pots make a striking statement on the corners of an irresistible swimming pool.  Antique gilded mirrors No French farmhouse is complete without an antique mirror. Gilded frames add warmth and gold tones on mantelpieces above a crackling fire. An antique French mirror in a powder room or bathroom adds a luxurious touch.  Farmhouse dining tables and intimate dinners Aged antique French farm tables...

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4 ways to create the luxurious Parisian aesthetic

Aah Paris... The city of light. There are few places as inspiring. There is something so magical (and quintessentially French) about views over tiled rooftops and neat chimney rows with the sound of bustling streets below. Huge wooden doors with brass knockers take you from cobbled lane ways into elegant apartments with their soaring ceilings and romantic balconies. Parisian interiors beautifully balance antique and modern design reflecting this historic cosmopolitan city.

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Vallauris, Picasso, Picault and pottery

Vallauris is a stunning coastal village on the Cote D'Azur. It's name is synonymous with pottery and Picasso.  Picasso Soon after the war ended Picasso moved to Vallauris - his artistic influence on the village can still be felt today. Picasso working in Vallauris in the early 1950's   He created over 4,000 works of pottery while working closely with his friend Robert Picault (1919-2000) in this idyllic coastal town.  A plate by Picasso made in Vallauris Each July there is a festival in the village to celebrate Picasso and the artistic impact he made on the region.  Our Picault Collection See the Chez Pluie collection of original Picault pieces here. The book - Picasso/Picault, Picault/Picasso For a deeper insight into...

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