The Gulf of St Tropez - off the beaten path

People often wonder what to do do when the are visiting the French Riviera. There are of course the usual haunts but it is easy to fall into tourist traps and miss out on experiencing the authentic side of this stunning coastal region. 

For natural beaches (some naturaliste!) visit Gigaro where you will find private coves and shady spots to enjoy the sound of the waves and superb views of the Îles d'Hyères. 

The best restaurants include La Forge in Ramatuelle where guests are utterly spoilt with sublime Italian wines and first class gastronomy.

For a superb meal overlooking the Mediterranean, don't miss the newest creation of renowned architect Philippe Starck, Vista at Lily of the Valley in the hills of Gigaro.

Vista Lily of the Valley Gigaro

This gorgeous restaurant is decorated with vintage and antique French pottery with a focus on artists that had ateliers in nearby town of Vallauris such as Robert Picault who worked closely with Picasso in the 1950's.

Robert Picault Pottery

For a lively wine tasting, zip over to Cavalaire-Sur-Mer to La Cave du Mon Village where Jose will share with you his incredibly broad knowledge of French wine with a focus on the wines from the South of France to Burgundy and beyond. 

Wine tasting Cavalaire-Sur-Mer

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