6 classic & essential mirror decorating ideas

 Arched mirror in garden

A mirror makes a special space even more beautiful - bringing light, enlarging the area and creating a focal point. Here are six inspiring spaces which are designed around superb mirrors.

1. Entryway

An entryway mirror is a clever way to bring more light into a foyer space. 

Entryway with antique gilt wood mirror

entryway mirror vignette candlesticks gilt wood console table

Hanging a mirror above a console table is an opportunity to play with symmetry and also an opportunity to enjoy your beautiful home wares twice! 

Antique French candlesticks reflecting in a gilt wood mirror buy direct from France modern farmhouse luxury

There is nothing better than enjoying the flicker of candlelight reflected from a mirror to bring warmth and atmosphere.


Louis Philippe mirror chic entryway


2. Living room

A mantle mirror adds height to a room while placing emphasis on the hearth and providing a beautiful focal point. 

Ornate gilt wood mantle mirror antique glass

 Living room mantle mirror gilt wood

Sunburst mirror gold buy direct from France

A sunburst mirror really is a sculptural piece of art, suitable for any room - a great way to create an interesting and beautiful vignette.


3. Kitchen

If you don't have a window in your kitchen you can use a mirror to create the effect, particularly with a framed mirror.

kitchen mirror like window modern farmhouse luxury buy mirrors direct from France

Mirror in kitchen

Mirror in kitchen gilt wood frame window effect modern farmhouse decor buy direct from France

Hanging a mirror in the kitchen is a beautiful way to decorate a wall - you can wipe them down or even use a marker to write lists and messages.

4. Bedroom

A large floor standing mirror is a chic addition to any bedroom and makes a bold statement. Best of all you don't need to put a huge bolt in the wall to hang it!  

Large decorative mirror floor standing in bedroom modern farmhouse decor buy direct from France

Extra large gilt wood gold french mirror napoleon III original glass 19th century
Our exceptional Napoleon III mirror measures 71" high

 Large gilt wood mirror french antique vintage mirror bedroom mantle

Sunburst mirrors in the bedroom french inspired interiors buy mirrors direct from france

Round horlogerie mirror from a French watchmaker buy French mirrors direct from France modern luxury farmhouse

Our round horlogerie mirror from a French watchmaker

5. Bathroom

Over-sized mirrors add a touch of luxury when placed beside the tub and make an often small space appear significantly larger.

large gilt wood mirror above tub bathroom decorating buy french mirrors direct from france

Carved frame french mirror patina original modern luxury french farmhouse

Our beautifully carved 19th century oak mirror

Gilt wood mirror in powder room luxury antique mirror buy french mirrors direct from France modern farmhouse

marble sink gilt wood mirror luxury modern farmhouse

6. Garden

Mirrors in gardens are simply beautiful. Perfect for making a courtyard or terrace seem larger, or for making a dull wall more interesting by reflecting the lush garden it faces. 

Arched mirror in courtyard marble table creeper ivy green luxury modern farmhouse

French arched mirror frame patina modern farmhouse luxury garden mirror

Our arched mirrors were once in French doors, 3 available

Sunburst mirror in garden outdoor fireplace modern farmhouse inspiration buy french mirrors from france

Framed french mirror in garden ivy flowers buy french mirrors direct from France modern farmhouse

Continue exploring our exquisite mirror collection.

Photo credit: Richard Shapiro, Lucas Eilers, Jenny Wolf Interiors, Jenny Feldman Interiors, Architectural Digest,  Pinterest, Unknown

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