How to decorate with sculpture like an Interior Designer

Sculpture large and small has been part of humankind since the mists of time. It involves rhythms and volume of spaces, contrasting qualities of surface: open, closed or broken. It stimulates our own imaginings and can produce a psychological effect. The observer admires the skill and feels the artist's passion.
Antique French marble sculpture on pedestal
Good to keep all these things in mind when thinking about ways to display a sculpture to its best advantage inside the home, where it will dwell with domestic objects and mingle with the atmosphere of the interior rooms, which all serve different functions. Of course finding a space where the changing light (both natural and otherwise) can play its role in illuminating and hiding the various masses at different times of day is important too.
Antique French busts and finial fireplace
Bringing a sculpture to eye-level, like the busts on this mantelpiece, will enable it to observe and be observed, while its neighbors: the candlesticks, botanical artwork and pots, offset any formality to the space. They bring about a busy and eclectic atmosphere. The eye is lead down past the fireplace to the floor to the weathered fruit basket finial, where renowned designer John Derain has brought the outside in. 
Carved sculpture on hallway console
Transitory spaces, such as hallways, are for pieces you want to catch a glimpse of frequently, either to bring a feeling or thought to mind, or even the actual time! Furniture such as a console table is both useful and handsome in a hallway, and will raise your special piece off the ground to a height where it can be enjoyed as you pass by. 
Console decorated with marble bust and sculpture
A masterful and stimulating arrangement where attention is paid equally to all pieces. Here marble and plaster sculpture have been united with a mid-century Maison Bagues style vintage console. The classical simplicity and beauty of the bust and sculpture complements the minimalist painting and the furniture. While the wall paneling frames the ensemble, maintaining an overall atmosphere of elegance and calm. 
 Bust and gallery wall in bathroom
While respecting the climatic conditions necessary for preserving art work, nude sculptures or sculptures draped in fabric are an obvious choice for the bathroom. Monochromatic pieces complement the cleansing white tones of traditional bathroom finishes. 
 Symmetrical vignette commode with bust and flower pots
An aged mirror is a fitting back drop for a timeworn bust - revealing the mysterious back which would otherwise be unseen. Handmade garden pots add symmetry and balance to this lovely vignette. 
 Antique plaster molds - wall sculpture

Relief wall panels can be mounted in dining rooms, like this pair of idyllic scenes of young merrymakers, which help preserve the festive atmosphere of the space.

Medallion wall sculpture

The rustic cupboard doesn't compete for attention with the framed medallion above. They have been positioned so both objects can breathe. Note the circular shape is set off by the squareness of the other elements, including the wall panel behind. 

Mid century gold wall sconce sculptural leaves antique with modern

For apartments and small homes, sculptural wall sconces work well. Here a mid-century gilded wall sconce contrasts the powder pink walls and antique Trumeau mantle mirror. 

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Photo credit: John Derian, John Bessler,  Jonny Valiant, Architectural Digest, Traditional Home, Veranda, Zsazsa Bellagio, Eye for Design, Lars Bolander, Pinterest

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