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A swimming pool is the focal point of any garden. The opportunity to play with light and reflections, the soothing sound of water and refreshing views of aqua blue water is irresistible. 

Swimming pool French garden

French garden furniture looks beautiful on lush lawns and in enclosed courtyards.

Potted box wood, olive trees, hydrangeas and white geraniums are some of my favorite poolside pieces.

Mid century French garden planters weathered pair

Discover our extensive range of beautifully weathered French urns and planters.

Sculptures on pedestals, pottery and urns bring interest and formality to a garden. They look wonderful in garden beds surrounded with colorful blooms. Another superb way to create a focal point is to place sculpture near a swimming pool and enjoy the shadows and reflections that they cast.

Pair of 19th century white Medici urns French garden planters

Classic Medici urns feature regularly in French gardens.

Biot jar in rose garden French garden pottery

Antique Biot jars bring a Mediterranean feel to this French rose garden. Biot jars have been used for centuries as storage vessels for olives and olive oil. They were sealed with either clay or carved timber lids. Even their shape is evocative of an olive. They are glazed around the rim and on the inside to help preserve the contents. 

French olive jars biot jar rope thrown bespoke pottery anduze

Our bespoke Biot jars are handmade by local artisans using a rope-thrown method. This method is the traditional way that these jars have been made for the last three hundred years. 

Our largest Biot jars weigh 331 lbs - this makes for a stable and top quality piece of craftsmanship.

Anduze pot poolside french bespoke pottery

Classic Anduze urns planted with topiary look stunning when placed at the corners of a sparkling swimming pool. We have both antique and artisan-made Anduze urns. The iconic design features an upright urn on a flared base with ribs at the top, middle and around the base. They are decorated with garlands, fleur de lys and the badge of the potters.

Anduze urns market umbrella patio garden terrace french Aix en Provence garden goals inspiration

Our bespoke Anduze urns come in a wide range of colors and sizes

Create a rustic touch with different materials such as metal and raw timber, baskets, wicker, watering cans and buckets and wire objects are all versatile pieces to bring a farmhouse feel to your garden, summer kitchen and pool area.

 Antique French watering cans



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