Favourite finds from the French workplace

1940's french cafe counter black and white paris

Many pieces in the Chez Pluie collection were made for the French workplace; Les Meubles de Métiers. A charming glimpse into everyday village life throughout the centuries.

The butcher's shop

Haberdashery boutique

Boutique mirrors


1. The butcher's shop

The boucherie is a treasure trove of both practical and stylish pieces. This enormous cutting board dates to the 1950's. Made with plane tree timber it was used to prepare pork.

Extra large French cutting board

Extra-large cutting board

Butchers tables were elegantly crafted in both timber and marble. 

French butchers table large modern farmhouse rustic patina

Our 19th century butcher's table

Once the meat was prepared, the best cuts were displayed in the window on a marble top table to entice customers passing by.

French marble top butcher's table 19th century

Our 19th century French marble top butchers table

2. Haberdashery boutique

There is nothing like the sound of sharp scissors slicing off your length of exquisite fabric. Our extra-large sewing scissors date to the early 20th century and were made by Lacouture Lyon. 

Large pair of antique French sewing scissors

Antique French sewing scissors

French draper's tables make the perfect kitchen island. Rolls of fabrics were stored on the lower shelf, then cut and measured on the counter top.

19th century French drapers table

French draper's table 

3. Boutique mirrors

A mirror is essential when going to the milliner! This adjustable mirror was used in a hat shop, with candle light to get a good look at your new chapeau. 

Milliner's mirror adjustable with candleabras

Our French oak milliner's mirror has bronze candlesticks

A charming round mirror from an horlogerie - a watch maker and repair shop. It's fun shape reflects that of a pocket watch.

Round vintage mirror from watch shop

Round watchmaker's mirror 1920's

4. Off to the bank, then to church

Our 19th century refectory table was used in the Bank of France in Clermont-Ferrand.

Large French oak dining table refectory table chestnut modern farmhouse decor

Large refectory table in oak and chestnut

Meanwhile in the church - this oak and pine filing cabinet stored all the church archives for one diocese in Roanne in the Loire region of central France. 

18th century french church archive filing cabinet oak modern farmhouse interiors

Our late 18th century directoire church filing cabinet

Pair of French candlesticks white patina modern farmhouse home decor ideas

19th century French altar candlesticks

Even this rooster had a job to do - he belonged on the weathervane to tell the village which direction the wind was blowing.

French weathervane rooster rustic modern farmhouse decor

Our 19th century rooster 

5. At the bar tabac

When you order your pastis, it will be served to you in a branded glass - a tradition that still lives on today!

Set of six French pastis glasses

 Our set of six pastis glasses

French moet champagne ice bucket champagne bucket with brand vintage

Our vintage French champagne ice bucket

 French bistro table round marble top table with blue base

Our collection of gueridons date to the early 1900's

A beautiful mirror used inside a bar or bistro - it has been stripped back to reveal the lovely golden fir timber frame and retains the original glass from the late 19th century.

Bistro restaurant bar rectangular mirror raw timber frame modern farmhouse decor

Our 19th century bistro mirror

6. In the vineyards

The vendanges is a magical time in the south of France. It's all hands on deck to pick the plump grapes at their optimum. Oak harvest tubs were used to collect the hand cut fruit among the vines. Perfect for storing firewood or using as a planter in the garden.

French oak wine harvest tub barrel rustic modern farmhouse garden planter fire wood

Our French oak harvest tubs date to the early 1900's

Bottling up delicious Côtes du Rhône wine was done using a porte boteille to dry clean bottles. 

French porcupine bottle tree modern rustic farmhouse decor garden

Our large French bottle tree

Wine was stored in large quantities in French glass Dame Jeanne wine bottles. Our selection of demijohns is extensive, all are French vintage, some antique.

Rouge demijohn carboy dame jeanne bottles french wine bottles modern rustic decor

Our wine stained demijohn bottles

Vignerons offer passers by degustations (wine tastings) at their cellar door. A table du vigneron is used to display the different wines on offer and pour tastings.

French oak oval table winemaker

Our French oak table du vigneron

7. On the farm

Lavender and Provence go hand in hand. And extracting the precious oil is a technical and ancient process.

 Rustic lavender oil canister provence

Our rustic lavender oil canister

Our collection of rustic canisters can be used as umbrella stands or to make impressive floral arrangements.

Milk churn oil cannister french zinc 19th century

Our rustic 19th century French oil canister

milk churn vase flowers wedding blue and white rustic farmhouse decor

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