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The most beautiful French gardens - Dominique Lafourcade

The most legendary French landscape designer has to be Dominique Lafourcade. If you don't know her work you are in for a treat. She creates sublime gardens which are chic, manicured, formal, natural and quintessentially French.  Her ability to create destinations in gardens of all sizes is exceptional. She uses pottery, fountains and sculpture, (and even a tree house) to entice you to explore all parts of the garden. Anduze urns appear frequently in her work. Their iconic form is evocative of the gardens of the South of France. They are traditionally glazed with green, brown and golden yellows and when they are weathered they are gorgeous. They complement the architectural features of a building when strategically placed between windows,...

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Ten ways to create the Patina farm aesthetic

Brooke and Steve Giannetti have created a truly beautiful rustic modern farmhouse in Ojai, California. After being a devoted fan of their work and pouring over their books, I had to put pen to paper and write a blog post about their home Patina Farm. Not only is the attention to architectural details breathtaking, their curated collection of European antique and vintage furniture and building materials is awe-inspiring. 1. The Garden  This garden has so many places to explore and relax. Planted with roses, lavender, rosemary and ivy, it is lush, cool and inviting. The finishing touches that set this garden apart are the thoughtfully selected planters, French water features, garden finials and Anduze urns.  2. The Kitchen A wonderful raw timber island...

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