Robert Picault set of two dishes


These two original Robert Picault dishes dates to circa 1950. They are colourfully decorated with his signature zigzags and circles in Aqua blue and brown. Robert Picault worked closely with Picasso in the village of Vallauris, renowned for pottery. The underside is signed by the ceramist RP.

Discover more about the history between Picasso and Picault in this blog.

Dish 1 – 10¼” x 7¾” x 1¾” tall
Dish 2 – 6¼” x 5” x 1½” tall

Dish 1 – 26cm x 20cm x 4.5cm tall
Dish 2 – 16cm x 13cm x 3.5cm tall

USA delivery - $92 including all import taxes

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