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Jenny Wolf rustic table carboy lamp woven basket

If you haven't yet discovered the exquisite work of Jenny Wolf, then pour yourself a glass of wine and take a moment to be delighted!

Jenny Wolf fresh crisp white bedroom with rustic touches

The homes she creates are polished and fresh, and are true to her mantra "a home should reflect the sensibilities of the people living in it, showcasing the things they love and have collected over time". 

Jenny Wolf kitchen with glassware collection and rustic cutting boards

Her skill in creating spaces which respect the old while welcoming the new is awe-inspiring. Every interior she has designed is so livable and inviting, there is nothing stuffy about her work.

Jenny Wolf Patio market umbrella wine barrel planter modern rustic

Jenny Wolf Dining room antique and modern furniture carboy demijohn vase

She breathes life into classic pieces of furniture with beautiful fabrics and clever juxtapositions resulting in timeless interiors. 

Jenny Wolf - carboy demijohn dame jeanne bottle large glassware buy direct from france fast shipping

Jenny Wolf - White ceramic pottery collection copper pots in kitchen with exposed brick


Jenny Wolf kitchen - mirror bottle carrier vintage glassware rustic table

There is a lot to love in this fresh and rustic kitchen. The mirror above the sink makes a clever alternative to a window, while the rustic table, vintage canisters, bottles, candlesticks and bottle carrier add charm and personality.

Jenny Wolf - Salvaged metal rustic doors candelabra chic dining room

A pair of industrial metal doors bring a whole different aesthetic to this dining room. A bold choice that is highly effective. 

Jenny Wolf - Glass bottle collection in kitchen vintage glassware buy direct from France

A collection of vintage soda bottles look wonderful perched on open kitchen shelving. 

Jenny Wolf - gold Louis Philippe French mirror buy direct from France

This masculine living space showcases precious collections and features a large Louis Philippe gilt wood mirror over the sofa.

Jenny Wolf - living room lustre chandelier armchairs round antique table

A pair of French armchairs, a stunning chandelier and a charming round table with a rich patina make this neutral living space superbly chic.


Jenny Wolf - living room with round table and antique armchairs

Jenny Wolf - living room with rustic boxes as side tables

This exquisite living room is inviting and not too formal with the use of stacked rustic vintage boxes as side tables.

Jenny Wolf - hallway with gilt wood gold framed mirror and commode

A classic commode, lanterns and gilded mirror make this beautiful hallway a chic circulation area.

Jenny Wolf - Sunburst mirror in bedroom buy online direct from France fast shipping

A single stunning sunburst mirror hanging above this colorful bed is the perfect design choice.


Jenny Wolf - bedroom with round mirror and antique commode

Practical and beautiful, a commode as a nightstand is such a perfect idea and a great win for some extra storage space.


To discover more of Jenny Wolf's beautiful interiors visit her website.  View the Chez Pluie collection to continue exploring. 

Photo Credit: Jenny Wolf Interiors


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