Fall in love with beautiful parcels from France


Only a select few pleasures in this world compare with the sheer excitement of unwrapping a beautiful parcel purchased directly from France.

Chez Pluie shipping

To receive a French item is very special indeed. For those who know France also know that Her qualities are inseparable – romance, beauty, refinement, history and appreciation – and embodied within each parcel shipped.

Set of three carved 19th century French candlesticks buy online direct from France rustic farmhouse decor

Unwrap your 19th century French candlesticks 

The desire, excitement and anticipation

Chez Pluie custom timber casing for precious cargo

"Your order is on the way." What six words could better ignite our inner desires, anticipation and excitement? Like a high-school romance, this emotional adrenaline clouts all sense of time. But don't worry, clients in the United States typically receive their parcels from across the Atlantic a mere 7 days after purchase.  

Unwrapping with your senses

Beautifully gift wrapped Chez Pluie homewares

Lavender scented parcels will either remind of holidays past or inspire for adventures yet to come.  All home wares are beautifully wrapped there is always a little something extra with each purchase. This souvenir - a beautiful 18th century key from Pernes-les-Fontaines - strikes the imagination on this country's rich history.  

A gift from France

Chez Pluie personalised, handwritten cards

Imagine how surprised, curious and overwhelmed your friends and family will be when they hear the blissful words "Please sign for this package from Provence, France." No gift is more special, original and thoughtful than a beautiful piece with such a passionate provenance. Chez Pluie gifts can also be accompanied by a personalised, handwritten card (In French or English for that matter!).   

French champagne bucket ice bucket buy direct from France USA United States US

Chill your champagne in a French champagne ice bucket 

The delight that follows

Our clients love receiving our French furniture and décor and we adore seeing these precious pieces in their new homes - a tiny sample from Instagram. 

Chez Pluie instagram feedback

A fine pair of mid-century garden finials, adorned with lemons, apples, grapes and pears.

Chez Pluie customer review on instagram

A charming solid beech cutting board dating back to the start of the 20th century.

Trust me...it's love

Chez Pluie uses Trustpilot, an independant customer feedback forum which allows no intervention or editing. Use Trustpilot to read the raw, unfiltered and undying love our clients have for their new favorite possessions.   

Chez Pluie Trustpilot review

 Chez Pluie Trustpilot customer feedback

Chez Pluie Trustpilot review - french furniture and homewares

So ne hesitate pas, excite your senses, explore the Chez Pluie collection and tomber amoureux with France.

Beautiful stone house image: Côte Maison 

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