Step inside a charming 16th century home in the heart of a medieval Provençal village.

French interior design ideas Provencal house tour

This private residence was recently transformed and decorated by a French couple; an artist and film set decorator. The couple are avid collectors of unique curiosities that they have found all over the world throughout their careers. Built in the 16th century and once a Hôtel Dieu, (a hospital run by the Catholic Church) this village property has been tastefully renovated into a stunning three storey home.

Collection of antique cameras French interior design ideas

With a career in the film industry, the owner had a need to create a cinema room. Refreshingly original - this home cinema is unlike any other. It is an inspiring space on the third floor - under a pitched ceiling with immense exposed beams. The retractable screen and projector have been discreetly installed so that the room appears to simply be a salon.

Coral and artisan French pottery French interior design ideas Provence house tour

A large coffee table displays a collection of natural history objects that make this room a cabinet de curiosités of sorts.  Seashells, coral and fossils sit on a selection of artisan ceramics. Inspired by the Provencal harvest, the pottery is handmade by local artisans in the nearby village of Gigondas.

Collection of seashells and corals French interior design ideas

A vintage Chaty Vallauris sunburst mirror and a pair of chickens playfully decorate the space beyond the sofa and desk. The door on the left leads to a sunny terrace with views over the rooftops and vineyards beyond.

Antique camera collection decorating ideas

The owners’ vast collection of antique cameras are artfully displayed on open shelving, while original movie storyboards are framed celebrating the evolution of film making throughout the ages. 

Antique French weathervane rooster French interiors

A 19th century weathervane rooster and paintings by Karibou make a colourful country-themed vignette. An artisan pitcher is filled with a bunch of freshly cut rose hips.

French bedroom corner

Each of the spacious bedrooms enjoys views over the walled garden and rolling hills beyond.  

French home worn staircase interior design ideas

The staircase has been well trodden after centuries of use now with a gentle curve in each step. The staircase is decorated with 19th century plaster mouldings, antique candlesticks and an Anduze urn.

Vaulted ceiling French interior design ideas

The music room has a most spectacular vaulted ceiling.  A set of 20th century candlesticks and two landscape paintings by Karibou sit snugly under the low ceiling and walkway that leads to the adjacent dining room.

Vaulted ceiling French home interior design ideas

Many openings were made to link spaces together and all of the internal doors were sourced specifically for each room. This clever solution results in a seamless transition between the original architectural details and new elements.

Vintage French floor standing candles French house tour

This exquisite home is authentic and understated while being quietly chic despite its size and enviable position in the heart of a medieval Provençal village.

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