The diverse and timeless style of Philippa Devas

Classic living room with antique french mirror on fireplace buy French furniture online direct from France

Since 1998 Philippa Devas has been creating imaginative and classic interiors. Devas describes her work as restful and serene.

Gilt wood mirror chandelier dining table buy french furniture online from france USA

Antique mirrors and artworks are a staple in many of her projects. Mirrors above fireplaces are a versatile choice and a lovely statement piece.

Mirror lamp and side table pop of color red buy french furniture and decor online direct from France

French mirror with silver frame Louis Philippe mirror 19th century

A mid - 19th century Louis Philippe Mirror

Rustic oval dining table country french modern farmhouse

Devas skillfully plays with color, texture and patterns to create warm and inviting homes.

Modern farmhouse kitchen Philippa Devas

She mixes old with new in a way that complements existing architectural features and provenance. 

Bronze and copper french luster 1920's buy online direct from France

Bronze and copper French lustre

 Bedroom armoire buy french furniture and decor online direct from France

A muted palette in the bedroom makes a tranquil retreat. The painted antique cupboard works beautifully with the patterned wallpaper.

French book case original grill work doors 1940's buy online direct from France ship to America

French bookcase with original grill work doors

Red wall paper patina antique mirror buy french furniture and decor online direct from France

A coastal vibe is achieved by pairing sculptural corals with a cream and gold framed mirror. 

French mirror with white and gold frame antique french mirrors

Early 20th century Napoleon III mirror with original glass

Kitchen dresser pottery  buy french furniture and decor online direct from France

The dresser, crockery, wicker and rustic chairs give this kitchen a country feel.

Late 18th century French oak book case rustic farmhouse decor buy online from France

18th century stripped oak storage cabinet

Large round french platter white glazed bespoke artisan buy direct from France

Large round artisan French platter

Antique pottery green ceramic jugs buy french furniture and decor online direct from France

A collection of colorful antique pottery contrasts the clean lines of white ship-lap in this open shelving. 

Vintage French pottery green glaze

Green glazed Vintage Pitcher

Giltwood mirror antique living room buy french furniture and decor online direct from France

This living space has a more formal feel with gold accents. The ornate gilt-wood mirror, pair of candelabras and wall sconces offset the red in the large rug.  

Pair of large French candlesticks gold buy online from france cheaper than 1st dibs

Pair of French candlesticks

Pair of silver and gold side tables glass shelves vintage french furniture buy direct from France

Pair of vintage French side tables

Image credit: Devas Designs 

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