Menu chalkboard - two sided 22" x 12½"

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This listing is part of the 'At Home with Patricia Wells' collection of epicurean objects and decorative antiques.
This fun, modern menu chalkboard comes from Chanteduc, the home of Patricia and Walter Wells in Provence. Patricia used it not only for presenting the menu playfully for guests but also as a reminder to ‘Pick Capers Daily!’

“I can get pretty excited about the littlest I things, and having a productive caper bush is an idea that makes me really excited. I’ve never known anyone who grew her own capers, but some ten years ago I planted a caper bush - native to Provence - and waited. And waited. And waited. The caper bush is a perennial that comes to life late in the spring, so each spring I would worry that the shrub like plant, with its prickly tendrils that spread out in every direction, was dead. But year after year it came back, and slowly it began to produce those tiny green buds we know as capers. I have a chalkboard in my kitchen that reads PICK CAPERS DAILY!, for if you don’t get at the buds each day, the Weill flower (the most elegant purple and white), and if you are lucky those flowers will then produce giant fruits - what we know as caper berries. I don’t’ know why, but my bush never gets to the berry stage.”

Page 41, The Provence Cookbook, Patricia Wells. 

A fun tradition to continue, adding a touch of French culinary charm to any home.  

Condition and wear consistent with age and use.
Approx. overall 22" high x 12½" wide x 5" deep
Approx. overall 56cm high x 32cm wide x 13cm deep

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This product is part of a rare collection of epicurean objects and decorative antiques.

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