Terracotta oven roaster 'diable rousset'

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From the personal collection of acclaimed cookbook author, Patricia Wells, a unique and impressive healthy cooking  "diable rousset" (rousset devil) dating from the late nineteenth to early-twentieth century, France.

The "diable", owes its name both to the fact that it opens in two parts like poultry that is split and grilled "to the devil" and because it is cooked dry and hot, without any addition of liquid or fat.

Originally advertised as a “diet-friendly” cooking tool, these pots saw remarkable commercial success in the 1900s as they do not require fat or liquid to cook. Without adding fat or water, foods retain all their raw nutritional qualities and flavors. The cooking is done gently thanks to the steam emitted by the food itself and preserves all the scents and aromas. 

The two cylindrical pans are made using refractory terracotta which can withstand very high temperatures and function by retaining heat and releasing it evenly to gently cook the food inside almost like a mini oven.

Patricia notes that it’s ideal for cooking potatoes without water (she nestles them in hay and salt), and that it can also be great for toasting chestnuts, and for roasting coffee beans. You could also use it to cook meat or vegetables.

This casserole dish can be used directly on the flame (gas), in the oven, or on the embers of a fireplace or a barbecue.

Note the lovely charred patina from use. Possibly from Dieulefit.

See original examples on pages 210-211 of Terres de Feu. Amouric, Henri, et al. Terres de Feu, de Lumière et de Songes ...: Dans Le Midi Français, Xe-XXE Siècles. Agglomération Pays d’Aubagne, 2010.

Condition and patina consistent with age.
Approx. overall 7" high x 13" long w/ handle x 9" diameter
Approx. overall 18cm high x 33cm long w/ handle x 23cm diameter

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