Collection of vintage French stoneware cheese moulds


These French cheese molds or Faisselles date to circa 1940’s. Made with rustic stoneware with a grey / taupe finish. There is a pretty black fleck through the pottery. The pretty holes make this ceramic strainer perfect for washing strawberries or displaying eggs and fruit. The holes also allow fruit to breathe so it stays fresh slightly longer.


Dish one measures approx. 8½" diameter x 2" deep

Dish two measures approx. 8½" diameter x 2" deep

Pot measures approx. 5" diameter x 4½" deep


Dish one measures approx. 22cm diameter x 5cm deep

Dish two measures approx. 19cm diameter x 5cm deep

Pot measures approx.13cm diameter x 11cm high

USA delivery - $49 including all import taxes

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