Miniature antique portrait after Madonna with Child - Filippo Lippi 6¾" x 2"

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This exquisite miniature framed reproduction from the early 20th century features a partial view, focusing solely on Mary from "Madonna with Child" by the celebrated Italian Renaissance artist Filippo Lippi. The artwork captures the serene and maternal grace of Mary, showcasing Lippi's renowned ability to convey deep emotion and spirituality through his subjects. Encased in an elegant frame that complements its historical value, this piece is perfect for those who appreciate the fine details and emotional depth of Renaissance art. Ideal for intimate spaces, it invites contemplation and admiration, making it a treasured addition to any art collection.
About the original painting -
"Madonna with Child" by Filippo Lippi is a celebrated work of the Italian Renaissance, showcasing Lippi's mastery in capturing the tender and intimate relationship between Mary and the infant Jesus. Filippo Lippi, a Carmelite friar whose work greatly influenced later artists including Botticelli, was renowned for his detailed narrative style and his ability to imbue his religious subjects with human warmth and realism. This particular painting, like many of Lippi's works, features the Virgin Mary holding the Christ Child, often depicted with serene expressions and surrounded by angels or a detailed landscape, characteristic of Lippi's attention to human emotion and divine ambiance.
 The work is noted for its soft color palette and the gentle, affectionate interactions between the figures, which were innovative at the time and provided a more approachable, personal interpretation of biblical themes. Today, "Madonna with Child" is housed in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy, which is home to one of the world's most famous collections of Renaissance art. The Uffizi's collection allows visitors to see the progression of art through the Renaissance, and Lippi's work is a key piece demonstrating the shift towards more lifelike and emotionally connected religious imagery. This painting not only reflects Lippi's artistic skills but also his deep understanding of theology and his ability to translate it into visual form, making it a significant piece in the history of art.

Light wear.
Approx. overall 6¾" high x 2" x 0¾"
Approx. overall 17cm high x 5cm x 2cm

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