6 ways to create your mid-century maison

Mid century furniture and lighting Royal Roulotte Paris

There are some fun and simple ways to add a touch of mid-century style to your maison. Classic vintage designs evoke a sense of nostalgia and brings warmth and familiarity to your home. 

1. Vintage lighting

Palm frond ceiling light living room

Changing a light is a relatively small change  but it can make a big impact - this striking palm frond lustre instantly changes the aesthetic this living room.

2. Create a retro bar

Vintage French drinks trolley with Mauro Manetti pineapple ice bucket mid century

Whether you have a compact apartment or a rambling estate, a retro themed home bar is a fun way to mix nostalgic cocktails for your guests. Decorate your bar cart with Michel Dartois pineapple ice buckets and vintage accessories.

3. Vintage stemware

Vintage French champagne glasses cups mid century tablescape

Nothing beats pouring champagne into a classic champagne glass for a touch of 1950's sophistication. Vintage stemware also makes an original French wedding gift. 

4. Classic leather furniture

Industrial mid-century loft with french leather club chair and chesterfield sofa

French leather club chairs have truly stood the test of time and are now a statement chair for all interiors - from industrial to farmhouse, modern to traditional.

5. Sunburst mirrors

Decorate with mid century sunburst mirror vintage decorating ideas

The sunburst design is no new invention - it dates to the 17th century, when King Louis XIV popularized the sun motif. During the 1950's and 60's sunburst and starburst mirrors were popularized and redesigned.

Try hanging a sunburst mirror in a bedroom, above a fireplace or as a gallery wall for some mid-century style.

Chaty Vallauris is the brand to look for when choosing a genuine vintage sunburst mirror and can be easily identified by their maker's mark. 

6. 1950's-1970's European homewares

Mauro Manetti Freddotherm Michel Dartois silver pineapples vegetables vintage

Original pieces beautifully designed by Fondica, Freddotherm and Mauro Manetti are collectors items that will add warm gold and silver tones to your home. 

Explore our full Mid Century Maison collection. 

Image credit: Royal Roulotte, Vogue Australia, Pauline Conway Photography, Architectural Digest, Pinterest

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