15 gift ideas for the France obsessed Francophile

Typical French person on a bike with baguette

I think it's safe to say we all have a friend who is completely obsessed with all things French. I'm sure they own a béret already, so what can you get them that will blow their little French socks off?! Here is a list of totally original and very French gift ideas for every occasion.

1. Antique French Champagne glasses

Nothing is more French than champagne. And a set of antique French champagne glasses will have your French obsessed friend speechless!

Antique French champagne glasses crystal Francophile best gift ideas christmas birthday mothers day fathers day

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2. A Champagne bucket 

Why not offer a bottle of real champagne in a charming vintage French champagne bucket!

Vintage French champagne ice bucket gift idea

3. A Rustic cutting board

Every Francophile loves cheese, so a rustic French cutting board will make the perfect cheese platter look perfectly French.

Rustic French cutting board best present idea for Francophile France obsessed

4. Vintage French Pottery

Your Francophile friends may already have a collection of green and orange glazed French pottery, and a special confit pot or cruche orjol will surprise and delight them on any occasion!

French confit pot preserving pot jar vintage pottery best gift for Francophile

5. Bar & wine related accessories

France is synonymous with wine so any wine-makers accessories will please a lover of France.

Large French bottle tree hedgehog galvanized French vintage gift for Francophile christmas birthday

6. Antique French linen 

The French are renowned for making top quality linens, and this will not be new news to a Francophile. Buttery soft antique bed linen with beautiful monograms, or tea towels with red checks and stripes will have them grinning from ear to ear. 

Vintage French linen tea towels red check

7. An Anduze urn

An iconic design, Anduze urns suit interiors and gardens including terraces and balconies.

French anduze pot pottery urn garden planter best gift idea for Francophile

8. Antique apothecary jars

Apothecary jars are something to obsess over and collect. Glass jars and bottles from pharmacies were made with love and care and are full of rich French history. 

Antique apothecary jars pharmacy glass medicine jars perfect gift Francophile

9. Artisan French soap

Soap (savon) is a gift that is oh so French! Even more French is the iconic soap in a cube which has been handmade in Marseilles with the same recipe for centuries. It is 72% oil which will have you hooked before you're reaching for the towel! Purchase through The Present Drawer

Soap from Marseille savon famous cube soap French gift idea for the francophile

10. Artisan pottery

France has produced some of the most skilled artisans, and pottery is something which is truly French. Anything handmade in France will no doubt be proudly displayed in your Francophile friend's home!

Artisan pottery French best gift for Francophile sent from France to United States

11. A French saints crown

Is your France obsessed friend a bit of a saint? Well you will definitely surprise them when they are unwrapping this unique and beautiful saints crown!

French saints crown gold rhinestones perfect gift Francophile christmas birthday

12. A French mirror

Iconic, mid-century and well loved by decorators worldwide, a sunburst mirror is obligatoire in the home of a true Francophile. 

Oval French butlers mirror convex gilt frame

13. Antique French candlesticks

Candlesticks are the perfect thing to bring a romantic French atmosphere to any home. Do I hear Edith Piaf?!

French candlesticks 19th century antique vintage perfect christmas birthday gift for francophile

15. A demijohn bottle

Originating from the Provencal village of Grasse in the 15th century, the iconic bulbous shape of these delightful demijohns will be well received by your wannabee French friend! 

 Large antique French demijohn bottle best gift for france obsessed Francophile

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