15 gift ideas for Francophiles

Typical French person on a bike with baguette

I think it's safe to say that we all have at least one friend who is obsessed with all things French! Read on to discover some chic treasures that Chez Pluie has unearthed recently. I hope you find something to dazzle and enthrall the Francophiles you know.

1. Wine glasses

A fresh set of sparkling, colored wine glasses look fabulous at any time of year, but with the holiday season approaching they would be a cheerful and festive addition to a fall tablescape or holiday table setting. Coming from Alsace, they bring the magic of the famous Christmas markets to mind.

2. Vintage side plates

These side plates would add a classic feel to a table setting, mix and match with other favorite French side plates for some novelty, or they would look fabulous as a wall feature too!

3. Gilt Mirror

Gilt mirrors can transform a once nondescript area into a glamorous focal point. They never exude too much formality, however, and are versatile. They work well in both busy or minimal design schemes.

4. French confit pot

Aged pots furnish homes inside and out beautifully and look fabulous brimming with or without foliage.

5. Watering can

Preloved watering cans speak to many past hours showering plants in the clutches of green thumbs. Used either to continue the cycle or displayed in a garden house, vintage watering cans carry much charm and character with them.

6. Clock

For the Francophile, pouring over old timetables to prompt re-imagining specific routes and memory-filled railway stations is one way to feel close to the French countryside, towns, and cities. Glancing at a clock, like the one above, which was originally displayed in a train station, will help capture that frame of mind regularly. 

7. Cheese platter

Just add your favorite cheeses et voilà!

The platter pictured above is inspired by Aesop's fable, The Raven and the Fox. The story from Greek antiquity goes:

A raven stole a piece of meat and flew up and perched on a branch with it. A fox saw him there and determind to get the meat for himself. So he sat at the base of the tree and said to the raven:

 'Of all the birds you are by far the most beautiful. You have such elegant proportions, are so stately and sleek. You were ideally made to be the king of all the birds. And if you only had a voice you would surely be the king.'

The raven, wanting to demonstrate to him that there was nothing wrong with his voice, dropped the meat and uttered a great cry.

'Oh, raven, if only you also had judgement, you would want for nothing to be the king of the birds.'

(from Aesop, The Complete Fables, Translated by Olivia and Robert Temple, Penguin, 1998, p.122)

8. Flower pot

Faux bois (like the flower pot pictured above) or more tradtionally-shaped planters make fabulous gifts: planted with lavender or a favorite herb and clipped topiary-style will keep any Francophile contented.

9. Photo frame

Finding a one-of-a-kind photo frame can be a difficult task, but shop Chez Pluie's range for interesting versions into which French memorabilia can be slipped.

10. Artisan French soap

Soap from Marseille savon famous cube soap French gift idea for the francophile

Soap (savon) is a gift that is oh so French! Even more French is the iconic soap in a cube which has been handmade in Marseilles with the same recipe for centuries. It is 72% oil which will have you hooked before you're reaching for the towel! Purchase through The Present Drawer.

11. Pitcher

Pleasing to the eye, French vintage and antique pitchers bring a daily dose of France to a kitchen table or outdoor setting and can enliven a shelf when stored among other pantry goods and collectibles.

12. Vase

Old preserving jars, like the one pictured above, are beautiful in their own right and are a fun alternative to a traditional vase. However, Chez Pluie also has a fabulous range of vintage vases that are a feast for the eye!

13. Garden chairs

Sturdy and characterful vintage outdoor chairs are a novel gift, and will encourage any Francophile to take full advantage of their patio or garden à la fran​çaise - and garden furnishings can update and refreshen interiors as well.

14. Candlesticks

Portable candlesticks can be a fun item to place in a guest room and a special 18th-century type like the one photographed above naturally carries history with it!

15. Footstool

A special house-warming present for your Francophile friend, the footrest above is a Louis XVIth from the eighteenth century. It retains its original cross-stitch upholstery. Chez Pluie usually has in stock a range of footrests that can be the finishing touch to styling a living room or bedroom.

Continue exploring our full collection here. If you are looking for children's presents, discover our Toy and Game collection here.

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