20 gift ideas for Francophiles

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I think it's safe to say that we all have at least one friend who loves French things! Read on to discover some chic treasures that Chez Pluie has unearthed recently. I hope you find something to dazzle and delight the Francophiles you know.

1. Antique French soup tureen

This absolutely charming French soup tureen is over one hundred year's old and looks as fabulous as the day it was crafted. This is a classic beautifully shaped piece and would be treasured by your Francophile friend – either sitting pretty on the kitchen shelf, dining room side board, or filled with delicious soup on the dining table.

2. Chic French ice bucket

Treat yourself or beloved Francophile friend to a stylish ice bucket. The silver-plated ice bucket above was crafted in the 1930s. It would make a lovely gift and be a special item to use for parties.

3. Vintage sunburst mirror

Add some sunrays to your loved-one's living room! Vintage sunburst mirrors are playful and interesting wall features that work well in both busy or minimal design schemes.

4. Vintage Rabbit Sculpture

Placed on a shelf in the living room or kitchen, this little vintage rabbit is soon to become a beloved member of the family, and is oh, so French! 

5. Watering can

Preloved watering cans speak to many past hours showering plants in the clutches of green thumbs. Used either to continue the cycle or displayed in a garden house, vintage watering cans carry much charm and character with them.

6. Decorative accents: Oil lamp

Surprise your friend who loves all things French with a charming oil lamp with hoof legs.

7. Robert Picault ceramics

Start your own collection of fine Robert Picault pottery, or augment a friend's! Beautiful to admire on a shelf or filled with delicious food.

Robert Picault (1919-2000) is a celebrated French ceramist. His distinctive style is characterised by lively geometrical designs rendered with light washes in a vibrant color palette of green, dark brown and whites.

Picault studied ceramics at the Ecole des Arts Appliqués in Paris. After World War II ended, he moved to Vallauris, a town in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region of France, famous for its expertise and creativity in producing of pottery. Picault established his own ceramics atelier in the Chemin du Fournas in 1948.

Picault was a close friend of Pablo Picasso, who lived and worked (particularly on ceramics during that time) in Vallauris from 1948 to 1955.

See our article "Vallauris, Picasso, Picault and pottery" for a more detailed study on their relationship and their ceramics.

8. Weathervane

Weathervane roosters will transport your Francophile friend straight to countryside France. Small antique rooster weathervanes make a great display sitting amongst books and other collectibles on a shelf. Large antique rooster weathervanes are impressive pieces that can make a stunning statement in any space.

9. 20th-century landscape painting

Recently Chez Pluie has sourced a delightful oil landscape painting of a village beside a river dating from the 1930-40s. It is signed Henri Perrot (1896-1976). The frame is modern. It's beautiful atmospheric scene would add a touch of France to an interior!

10. Wicker basket

Help your Francophile friend achieve order in the laundry with a practical and beautiful container to sort darks from lights, dry-cleaning from handwashing, or a spot for collecting odd socks!

11. Pitcher

Pleasing to the eye, French vintage and antique pitchers bring a daily dose of France to a kitchen table or outdoor setting and can enliven a shelf when stored among other pantry goods and collectibles.

12. Teacups

Sip from a 1950s tea cup over a tête-à-tête with your Francophile friend.

13. Garden chair

Sturdy and characterful vintage outdoor chairs are a novel gift, and will encourage any Francophile to take full advantage of their patio or garden à la fran​çaise - and garden furnishings can update and refreshen interiors as well. Indulge in an Arras piece, such as the beautiful piece photographed above which currently is in stock.

14. Candlesticks

Candlesticks can be a fun item to place in a guest room or give a festive accent to a table. Chez Pluie also has some antique portable designs that naturally carry history with them!

15. Wooden stool

A special house-warming present for your Francophile friend - who perhaps also is an artist? This oak stool could serve as extra seating or as a small side table anywhere in the house. 

16. Stunning stoneware

Stoneware and earthenware are typically displayed as a group either mounted on the wall or as a beautiful feature on shelves in the kitchen or dining room. A lovely mid twentieth-century oval platter is currently available at Chez Pluie and would make a stunning gift.

17. Antique French lantern

Evoke the pre-electric era with a candle lantern. Would be lovely glowing in a guest bathroom or entryway.

18. Antique Reversible Backgammon & Checkers set 

Chez Pluie has prized a marvelous antique reversible backgammon & checkers set. Surprise a loved one who is passionate about French things with this amazing gift.

This rare antique burlwood set has beautiful marquetry with many wood types. 

19. French confit pot

Aged pots furnish homes inside and out beautifully and look fabulous brimming with or without foliage.

20. Contemporary French still life drawing

Embrace the warmer months with a beautiful pastel drawing by contemporary local French artist, Caroline Beauzon.

Et voilà. Thank you for reading 20 gift ideas for your Francophile friends. I hope you might have found some inspiration for your next gift!

Frequently asked questions

1. What is a special French gift?

Special French gifts include locally-made produce such as handmade soap, jams, champagne, and winter truffles. A fresh bunch of flowers, and a unique vase in which to display them also is a typically French present.

2. What is a good present for someone who loves France?

Vintage shop signs, tables salvaged from old flower shops or butchers, old clocks repurposed from railway stations, lanterns that evoke the Paris street lamps at night, are good presents for someone who loves France and can help transport their imagination there. Old candy jars and beautiful Toile de Jouy material can achieve this as well.

3. What is a good present for someone who loves French things?

Some décor that are unique but also ubiquitous in France include demijohn bottles; wicker baskets; vintage plates; white ironstone platters; repurposed apothecary and preserving jars; garden pots such as Anduze urns, Biot jars, or Medici vases; outdoor table furniture; period furniture; watering cans, and gilt mirrors. These are all available most of the time online at Chez Pluie.

4. What is a good present for the office, my friend/partner works from home?

Depending on what the space allows, a club chair could look fabulous and be a practical item in an office, a brass or rattan magazine stand could also bring interest and organization to a work space. Introduce more greenery to help counteract work pressures, but keep water off surfaces with a jardinière. Discover these items and more in the collections online at Chez Pluie.

Continue exploring our full collection here. If you are looking for children's presents, discover our Toy and Game collection here.

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